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Yumi Chung's Solo Exhibition "Breath" presents a series of ‘Imaginary Landscape’.. and More

CAN Foundation

Yumi Chung's Solo Exhibition "Breath" presents a series of ‘Imaginary Landscape’

“Breath” Poster ©CAN Foundation

The Old House of the CAN Foundation will host Yumi Chung’s solo exhibition “Breath” for two weeks from April 13 to 27. This exhibition features drawings and paintings from the artist’s recent ‘Imaginary Landscape’ series.

Inspired by nature, the artist creates thought-provoking images in her own format. The works empathetically represent nature as experienced and felt, such as the sea, water, islands, mountains, and wind. Sometimes they represent the nature she has experienced directly, and sometimes they recreate the imaginary landscapes she has felt during her journeys.

The towering or clustered masses in the works are either rocks that have been weathered by nature or stones that have been artificially placed and stacked. Although they have contrasting characteristics, the artist looks at them as one object and focuses on the sensations and emotions she felt at the time.

The artist’s ‘Imaginary Landscape’ series originated from her time studying abroad in Europe. After studying abroad in London (2012-2014), she participated in residency programs in Iceland (2015) and Norway (2016). While staying in Ålvik, Norway, she experienced a new world of nature. There, she was overwhelmed by nature, which was unimaginable to her as an “asphalt kid,” so she dropped everything and accepted the message of nature itself, and the series of “Imaginary Landscape” began.


4.13-4.27, 2023

CAN Foundation_Old House: 14-3, 16 Seongbuk-ro 18-gil, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul

Sahng-Up Gallery_Euljiro

"Night Walk" a Solo Exhibition by Ahn Haesang, One of the Artists Selected for the First round of the EX-UP Program

“Night Walk” Installation view ©Sahng-Up Gallery

Sahng-Up Gallery_Euljiro will present “Night Walk”, a solo exhibition by Ahn Haesang (b. 1986), from April 6 to 23.

The artist’s works create ethereal landscapes by interweaving stories from the past, including everyday memories, real-life experiences, and the illusions of Ahn’s own dreams. Although the works are based on real-life residuals, the artist aims to provide viewers with the opportunity to experience unfamiliar but imaginative landscapes.

Most of the spaces in the works appear to be outdoors rather than indoors, but the light in the space is artificial. It looks like a camera flash in the middle of the night or the light of a lantern in a tunnel, capturing the moment in a hurry. In addition, various symbolic devices appear in works. The fish form covering the head, the branches drying on the hands, and the glowing object in the lap of the seated figure all seem to symbolize something, but the meaning they are trying to convey is unclear. They only show an unclear, suggestive, but powerful production.

Ahn was selected as the first artist to participate in Sahng-Up Gallery’s EX-UP (Exhibition-up) program, which provides work consulting and portfolio review workshops to emerging artists, and supports workspace and solo exhibition opportunities.

Night Walk

4.6-4.23, 2023

Sahng-Up Gallery_Euljiro: 143 Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul

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