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The First Exhibition of Uli Sigg's Collection in Korea.. and More

SongEun Art Space

The First Exhibition of Uli Sigg's Collection in Korea

©SONGEUN Art and Cultural Foundation and the Artists. All rights reserved.Photo: CJY ART STUDIO.

SongEun Art Space presents “SIGG: Chinese Contemporary Art from the Sigg Collection,” an exhibition from the collection of Uli Sigg (b. 1946), one of the world’s most influential collectors, on view through May 20. This is the first exhibition of Uli Sigg’s collection in Korea and features 48 works by 35 of the next generation of artists who are emerging in the contemporary art world, including world-renowned artists, including painting, installation, video, and sculpture.

While the exhibition features only a small portion of Woolly Zig’s current collection, it is organized into various themes to showcase a variety of perspectives and sensibilities through a wide range of works. Organized into five themes, “Material Stories,” located on the first and third floors, showcases sculptures in various forms. On the second floor, “Pure Painting – Towards Abstraction” presents Chinese abstract paintings and a new installation by Han Mengyun (b. 1989).

The next three floors will present works organized around the themes of “Body – The Revenge of the Female” and “Nature – Acculturated”. Finally, the basement level, “Repressed and Released,” features an immersive video installation that incorporates words and sentences in English alongside life-size figures dressed in black and lying prostrate on the floor.

Uli Sigg is the world’s largest collector of Chinese contemporary art, having made waves in 2012 when he donated 1,510 works to Hong Kong’s M+ museum. He has said that his goal in collecting is not to “collect” but to “donation” and since his donation in 2012, he has continued to acquire works that reflect his life, history, interests, and tastes, and now owns more than 600 works.

SIGG: Chinese Contemporary Art from the Sigg Collection

3.10-5.20, 2023

SongEun Art Space: 441 Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Jeonnam Museum of Art

Richard Kennedy's Solo Exhibition "Acey-Deucey" showcases the Cutting Edge of Contemporary Artistic Trends

Miracle W.I.P., 2023, 8 channel video, Courtesy of Peres Projects

The Jeonnam Museum of Art presents “Acey-Deucey,” a solo exhibition by Richard Kennedy (b. 1985), on view through June 4. “Acey-Deucey” is the name of the artist’s father’s favorite game, and the exhibition presents 20 paintings along with a new video, Miracle W.I.P.

The exhibition is organized into three rooms. The first room features Miracle W.I.P., which shows the artist’s process of collecting discarded Christmas trees from different houses in his Berlin neighborhood, creating an imaginary forest, and building their own lives; the second room is set up like a classroom in a school; and the third room is a playroom, cozy but oddly configured to capture the viewer’s imagination.

Richard Kennedy is an American-born African-American artist currently living and working in Berlin. He was active in the art world during his childhood and distinguished himself by winning a scholarship to study dance and opera, which became the foundation of his work.

After graduating from high school, he moved to New York City, where he worked on and off in the performing arts and worked in various art spaces and queer clubs without being bound by boundaries or genres, identifying new possibilities for experimentation. Since moving to Berlin in 2019, he has been experimenting with new formats, incorporating his diverse life experiences as a minority into his paintings, sculptures, performances, music, and videos.

Richard Kennedy: Acey-Deucey

3.16-6.4, 2023

Jeonnam Museum of Art: 660 Sungwang-ro, Gwangyang-eup, Gwangyang-si, Jeollanam-do

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