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Radical Anti-Putin Performance of Activist/Artist Nadya Tolokonnikova in Jeffrey Deitch Los Angeles.. and Others

USA_Los Angeles

Pussy Riot, ‘Putin’s Ashes’, still, 2023. © Courtesy of Nadya Tolokonnikova

Radical Anti-Putin Performance of Activist/Artist Nadya Tolokonnikova in Jeffrey Deitch Los Angeles

Russian activist and performance artist, originally Funk rock musician Nadya Tolokonnikova (b. 1989) founded Pussy Riot in 2011 and since then Pussy Riot’s radical performance has taken the main place in the contemporary geography of political art.

From January 27 through February 3, Jeffrey Deitch Los Angeles holds Pussy Riot’s performance exhibition ‘Putin’s Ashes’. During the performance, all the viewers must wear a balaclava. The project began in 2022 when Pussy Riot burned a portrait of Vladimir Putin.

Most of the Pussy Riot’s members are either Ukrainian, Belarusian, or Russian. In 2012, Tolokonnikova was sentenced penal colony, and the Russian Government recently labeled her as a spy, but the international attention on her is getting bigger.

Banksy offered collaboration, The Guardian claimed Pussy Riot’s project to be the greatest artwork of the 21st century, Marina Abramović and Ai Weiwei expressed their support, and Saatchi gallery showcased an immersive exhibition of their performance. 

Pussy Riot: Putin’s Ashes (Official Short Film)

1.27, 2023 – 2.3, 2023

7000 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles

USA_New York

Myrlande Constant, ‘Reincarnation Des Morts’, 2022. © Courtesy of Myrlande Constant/ Photo: Olivia DiVecchia/Credit: the artist and Fort Gansevoort, New York

Haitian Artist Myrlande Constant’s Tapestry Works in Fort Gansevoort New York

Fort Gansevoort New York is hosting a tapestry show of Haitian artist Myrlande Constant (b. 1968), ‘Drapo’.

Haiti is in the Caribbean Sea, and in recent years it has been going through distressing sociopolitical turmoil caused by earthquakes, gang violence, and government collapse. Though taking notice of this situation, Constant doesn’t seek to describe the turmoil, but she tries to reinterpret the traditional Vodou rituals and highlight the spiritual dimension of daily life.

Her tapestries are referring to the traditional ritual tapestry, Vodou Drapo, both in techniques and shapes. Her work is recognized for its innovative achievement in the tapestry genre, its conveying of postcolonial and feminist implications, and also the religious spirituality it reveals. She participated in the 2022 Venice Biennale.

Myrlande Constant


1.11, 2023 – 3.11, 2023

5 Ninth Avenue, New York


Etsu Egami, ‘Rainbow-2022-W-42’, 2022, on view at Whitestone Gallery Singapore. Photo/Credit: Whitestone Gallery

Young Japanese Painter Etsu Egami Is Quickly Becoming a World-Renowned Artist

Young Japanese painter Etsu Egami (b. 1994) is quickly becoming a world-renowned artist for her thickly lined, colorfully brush-stroked semi-abstract paintings. Not long ago, during the Singapore art week, her works at the Whitestone Gallery’s new space were sold-out, and her show at the Japanese gallery’s booth at the ART SG met eager buyers.

Egami studied in Beijing and Düsseldorf and debuted in 2015. Prices for her paintings skyrocketed in the secondary market since 2021, and since then she got a reputation as a key artist of third-generation postwar Japanese art. She was named in the list of Forbes Asia 30 UNDER 30 in 2021, and last year in 2022 she had her solo exhibition at Tang Contemporary Art, Seoul.


Okwui Enwezor at Gwangju as the artistic director of the 7th Gwangju Biennial, 2008. Credit: Foundation Gwangju Biennial

The Sharjah Biennial 15 Honoring Nigerian Curator Okwui Enwezor Opens in February

Beginning February 7, the 15th Sharjah Biennial takes place bringing together over 150 artists and collectives from more than 70 countries.

With the title ‘Thinking Historically in the Present’, the main idea of this Sharjah Biennial 15 is conceived by the late Okwui Enwezor (1963-2019), a Nigerian curator who, since the 1990s, had broad influence with his radical postcolonialist vision and black identity among white-dominated art scene.

He also directed the 7th Gwangju Biennial in 2008. This Biennial will follow Enwezor’s last plan and honor his vision. Korean artist Wook Kyung Choi’s (1940-1985) works will take part.

Sharjah Biennial 15: 

Thinking Historically in the Present

2.7, 2023 – 6.11, 2023

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