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Visalia, The Unique Art of the North America’s Biggest Catholic Parish Church.. and Others


Interior view of the Charles Borromeo church, Visalia, California, the biggest Catholic parish church in North America. Photograph: Scott Hislop Credit: The Guardian

The Unique Art of the North America’s Biggest Catholic Parish Church

The largest Catholic parish church in North America, St. Charles Borromeo Church is in Visalia, California. It is a mega church that will house more than 3,000 worshippers and serve 14,000 families. It has been under construction since 2011 with donations from neighboring parishes.

The exterior architecture shows the ‘barn-style’ of Mission Revival style, which became popular in California following the Spanish colonization of the Americas. The interior of the parish hall, unveiled early this February, shows a kitschy take on traditional Catholic church murals. The painter of the murals, Mural Art Studio’s portfolio includes the ceiling at Caesar’s Palace Casino in Las Vegas. In the hall’s murals, the saints, angels, and village scenes are painted in bright, vibrant colors.

As the church needs to be open to its ethnically diverse parishioners, the church plans to include Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mexico), Our Lady of Fatima (Portugal), and Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Philippines) in its next murals.


Hishhorn Director Melissa Chiu welcomes artists Clare Kambhu, Jamaal Barber, Jennifer Warren, Baseera Khan, Misha Kahn and Frank Buffalo Hyde to the museum’s collection storage during the filming of “The Exhibit: Finding The Next Great Artist.” Courtesy of Hishhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Photo Shannon FInney

Hirshhorn Museum Goes for Reality TV to Find ‘the Next Great Artist’

The Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum, contemporary art museum in Washington, tries reality show to find the next great artist. “The Exhibit: Finding the Next Great Artist” premiers March 3 on MTV and will broadcast six episodes featuring seven upcoming American artists responding to a different piece in the Hirshhorn’s collection, commenting on “a pressing issue of our time.”

The winner will receive a $100,000 prize and the opportunity to present a solo exhibition at the Hirshhorn. Participating artists include Jamaal Barber, Frank Buffalo Hyde, Misha Kahn, Clare Kambhu, Baseera Khan, Jillian Mayer, and Jennifer Warren. The judge panel led by Hirshhorn Museum Director Melissa Chiu includes American writers, critics, and collectors.

Chiu said the purpose is to reach a broader age range of audiences, but the reaction to the trailer released so far has been negative. There is a precedent of the artist survival show in the U.S. broadcasted in 2010, “Work of Art: The Next Great Artist (Bravo channel).”


Paul P., ‘Untitled,’ 2011. National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa. © Paul P. Photo: NGC

National Gallery of Canada: Paul P. Solo Exhibition “Amors et Mors”

Amors et Mors (Love and Death), a solo exhibition by Canadian painter and sculptor Paul P. (b. 1977), is on view at the National Gallery of Canada through June 11. Influenced by nineteenth-century British Raphaelite painting, Paul P. is known for his mysterious and iconoclastic style, and for depicting the human figure as transient and revealing desires. The artist’s most representative works are portraits, for which he has reimagined the faces that appeared in the gay pornographic magazines of the 1990s.

Paul P. often looks to art history for ideas and styles. This exhibition brings together his work and the museum’s collection, particularly works by artists from the late 1800s who resisted the prevailing morality of their time and tried a secret language of coded homosexuality.

For example, a painting by Simeon Solomon (b. 1840), a painter whose work was restricted by the persecution of homosexuality in 19th-century England, hangs next to a painting by Paul P. The title of the exhibition is also taken from Solomon’s painting.

National Gallery of Canada

Paul P. : Amor et Mors

February 10, 2023 – June 11, 2023

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