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The Significance of 'One Picture': “One Picture Manifesto” Exhibition.. and More

The Reference

The Significance of 'One Picture': “One Picture Manifesto” Exhibition

“One Picture Manifesto” Installation view ©The Reference

From March 15 to April 16, The Reference will present a series of works that embody the manifesto and practice of the “One Picture Manifesto”. The manifesto “One picture is a work of art” by participating artists and researchers Maija Tammi and Harri Pälviranta is taken as a guideline.

The “One Picture Manifesto” draws attention to the significance of ‘One picture’. The exhibition invites the viewer to recognize a single photograph as a work of art and to greet it with its completeness. One picture is all that is needed. It suggests, reacts, responds, and opens up new avenues of thought. Only one photographic work by each artist is presented, with no description or related works.

The exhibition debuted in September 2019 at the Finnish Museum of Photography in Helsinki, Finland. Since then, it has traveled to Italy and Japan, showing a gradually expanding format, adding only one work by an artist from each location. In Korea, works by Seoul and London-based photographer Seungwon Jung have been added.

“One Picture Manifesto”

3.15–4.16, 2023

The Reference: 44, Jahamun-ro 24-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul


The Project explores the relationship between humans, machines, and time: “PLAY, PAUSE, REPEAT”

“play, pause, repeat” Poster ©BOAN1942

How does art challenge the conundrum of the relativity of time? What is the relationship between human and machine time, artist and performer time, and artwork and audience time? “PLAY, PAUSE, REPEAT” is a project by three artists, Joowon Song, Yanghee Lee, and Eun Chun, that explores the relationship between humans, machines, and time, and will run from March 11 to April 2 at the BOAN 1942.

Joowon Song is a choreographer and experimental documentary filmmaker. Based on contemporary dance, he focuses on urban places that accumulate time and questions the life of the body projected onto space.

Yanghee Lee is an artist based in Seoul and New York who continues to critically explore the forms and properties of dance, its intangibles and archetypes.

Eun Chun (b. 1977)’s photographs captured time. There is a long accumulation of time that seems to be an object of focus, but is difficult to grasp. In other words, it is not the object that is in focus, but the space in which time is imaged.


3.11–4.2, 2023

ART SPACE BOAN 2, 3: 33 Hyoja­ro, Jongro­gu, Seoul  

Amado Art Space/Lab

The 10th Amado Exhibition Award: “Windows Reconstruction”

The 10th Amado Exhibition Award: “Window Reconstruction” Poster ©Amado Art Space/Lab

Amado Art Space/Lab was founded by professionals in the field of art criticism and curation to promote the revitalization of art discourse and criticism. It conducts various projects and programs such as exhibitions, screenings, performances, lectures, and workshops. It organizes the Amado Exhibition Award, a competition for exhibition proposals.

This year, the 10th Amado Exhibition Award was won by curator Kim Malgeum for “Window Reconstruction,” which will hold at Amado Art Space/Lab from March 10 to April 6. The six artists participating in the exhibition are Eunhee Kang, Ki Yelim, Melanie Bonajo, Yena Park, Seo Young Chang, and Cho Hyori.

Media and new technologies are emerging faster, and human history has been based on this. Humans have upgraded their cognitive systems to keep up with advances in hardware and software. The bugs that appeared during this progression may have been very short-lived due to the rapid pace of development, but they were fundamentally against themselves. The exhibition looks back at the passage of time, the moment when the media rebelled against itself.

The 10th Amado Exhibition Award: “Windows Reconstruction”

3.10–4.6, 2023

Amado Art Space/Lab: 8, Itaewon-ro 54-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul


Hyundai FutureNet, Discovering and Supporting Emerging Media Artists...'Media Art Project'

Ryu Sung-taek, CEO of Hyundai FutureNet (left), Lee Hoon-hee, CEO of Alternative Space Art Forumly (center), and Lee Chung-kwan, Secretary General of the Korea Mesena Association (right), pose for a photo after signing a business agreement at Hyundai FutureNet's headquarters in Seocho-gu, Seoul on the morning of the February 27th. /Photo=Hyundai Department Store

Hyundai FutureNet, an ICT company affiliated with the Hyundai Department Store Group, signed a business agreement with the Korea Mecenat Association and Alternative Space ARTFORUM RHEE on the 27th of last month to revitalize the media art industry. Under the agreement, Hyundai FutureNet and the art organization Alternative Space ARTFORUM RHEE will carry out the ‘Hyundai FutureNet Media Art Project’ as part of the ‘Arts & Business’ collaboration project organized by the Korea Mecenat Association.

The Hyundai FutureNet Media Art Project is a program for discovering and supporting the creative activities of budding artists in the field of media art in Korea, providing them with production costs and creative support, as well as opportunities to broadcast their works using Hyundai FutureNet’s media platforms.

To this end, H/ART AVENEW, a media artist competition, will be held from March 6 to April 23. The theme of the competition is video works with ESG messages such as sustainable earth, animal welfare, and recycling.

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