"TESTER" a Solo Exhibition by Na Kim, who takes Herself as a 'Test+er'.. and More

DOOSAN Gallery

"TESTER" a Solo Exhibition by Na Kim, who takes Herself as a 'Test+er'

“Tester” Installation view at DOOSAN Gallery ©DOOSAN Gallery

From June 7 to July 8, DOOSAN Gallery presents TESTER, a solo exhibition by artist Na Kim (b.1979). After receiving the DOOSAN Artist Award in 2013 and holding her solo exhibition Choice Specime at DOOSAN Gallery Seoul the following year, Kim was an artist-in-residence at DOOSAN Residency New York in 2015, where held solo exhibition SET at DOOSAN Gallery New York.

The exhibition was organized to revisit the early artists of DOOSAN Gallery, which has consistently supported young artists, to encourage their activities and support artist’s future endeavors in the art world. The exhibition features 193 archival works and new works by the artist who has been a design collaborator for various publications, including exhibition identities, posters, books, and images selected from her solo exhibition SET in 2015.

The exhibition’s title, TESTER, is a concept that often appears in her life when a product is about to be released, an experiment is nearing completion, or a conclusion is about to be reached. Through this exhibition, the artist takes herself as a Test+er who is constantly experimenting and on the verge of completion looking back at the past through his archives to show that her work is ongoing and still moving forward. The artist’s archive, which is solidly displayed, and the objects and small paintings opposite it show off their own presence and reveal Kim’s artist’s attitude towards the exhibition.

Art Centre Art Moment

Exhibition by the Collective Group SEOM: "Drama"

“Drama” Installation view at Art Centre Art Moment ©SEOM & Art Centre Art Moment

Art Centre Art Moment, operated by Youngyiel Precision, will present Drama, an exhibition by the collective group SEOM: founded in 2021 by Hanie Seo (b.1988) and EOM Yeseul (b.1987), from June 10 to July 8.

The exhibition is an exhibition of artists(team) selected for the ‘Artists Prologue 2023’ competition held by the Art Centre Art Moment an annual exhibition that introduces emerging artists with original exhibition proposals that reinterpret the exhibition space.

SEOM: is a group created by Hanie Seo, who reinterprets the stories accumulated in a specific space in her own formative language in a contemporary context, and EOM Yeseul, who reconstructs sounds found in everyday life, providing an expansion of the imagination and senses created by sound through the experience of sound in a specific area or environment and in our daily lives.

The presence and temporality implied by the ‘body’ and ‘sound’ that comprise the exhibition are distinguished as unique features that complete this exhibition. The exhibition hall becomes a unique space where the sensory perception of the body takes place, the act awakens the experience of sensuousness to perceive a new world or convey the meaning of existence, and the sound medium is characterized by the contemporaneity we are currently experiencing, making us experiment individual and special events that only happen here and now.

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