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Tel Aviv Museum of Art Shuts Down in Support of Countrywide Judicial Overhaul Protests.. and More

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Tel Aviv Museum of Art Shuts Down in Support of Countrywide Judicial Overhaul Protests

Front view of Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Credit: Preston Scott Cohen Inc

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art opened in 1932 and is Israel’s oldest art museum. On March 23, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art shut down, suspending its scheduled exhibitions, tours, and lectures for a day in support of the countrywide judicial overhaul protests. During the day, the museum officially authorized its staff to participate in the protest. The lights were turned off except for one room that housed the collection of Israeli art. The museum’s announcement included opposition to anti-democratic policies and its mission of promoting freedom of expression and thought. The museum added that it kept its collection open to express its commitment to supporting local Israeli artists.

In January, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced a judicial overhaul that would increase the power of the ruling ministry and reduce the power of the Supreme Court. Domestic and international opposition followed because the overhaul would weaken Israel’s democracy and lead to a rightward shift in religion and politics. Since then, more than 200,000 citizens have expressed their resistance with mass protests every weekend, and Tel Aviv’s art galleries and museums have joined the resistance. People hung a print of the Declaration of Independence on the roof of the Eretz Israel Museum.


“Zhang Xiaogang: Mayflies” in Long Museum, Shanghai

Installation view, “Zhang Xiaogang: Mayflies,” Long Museum (West Bund), Shanghai, 2023. Credit: Long Museum

Shanghai’s Long Museum was founded by Chinese collectors Liu Yiqian and Wang Wei. With three branches in Shanghai and Chongqing, it is a leading private art museum in China. Currently, the Long Museum West Bund is presenting “Zhang Xiaogang: Mayflies,” a solo exhibition of leading contemporary Chinese artist Zhang Xiaogang (b. 1958).

Zhang Xiaogang draws on his own experiences as a child witnessing the Cultural Revolution and the subsequent radical socio-cultural changes in China to create figurative paintings. His signature series, ‘Bloodline – Big Family,’ are portraits of families linked by red threads and dressed in Mao suits, their expressionless faces representing both the individuals and the faceless masses of China. His images focus on the intersection of the individual and the collective, the private and the public, and imagination and memory, translating generations of historical experience into contemporary allegory.

This exhibition presents Zhang Xiaogang’s various pictorial experiments and the changes he has undergone. In particular, the new series ‘Mayfly Diary’ experiments with paper, tearing and pasting the familiar medium to create a form that fuses painting, writing, and sculpture.

Long Museum West Bund

March 4, 2023 – May 7, 2023


Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok Presents Alessandro Giannì Solo Exhibition “Breaking Darkness”

Alessandro Giannì, ‘Breaking Darkness,’ 2022. Courtesy the artist, Credit Tang Contemporary Art

The Bangkok branch of Asia’s largest art gallery, Tang Contemporary Art, presents “Breaking Darkness,” a solo exhibition by young Italian artist Alessandro Giannì (b. 1989), on view through April 25.

Giannì developed an artificial intelligence program to learn his composition style and named it ‘Vasari.’ Now Vasari digitally rearranges the subjects of Renaissance paintings, and the artist paints the digital image into contemporary colorful oil paintings. Giannì’s works blend classical painting with new media technology to create a contemporary reappearance of classic images.

His AI program, Vasari, is named after Giorgio Vasari, a 16th-century writer who wrote biographies of the most famous artists of the Florence Renaissance.

Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok

Alessandro Giannì Solo Exhibition: Breaking Darkness

March 25, 2023 – April 25, 2023

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