Taiwan, “Memory Palace in Ruins” C-LAB Museum’s Special Exhibition.. and More


“Memory Palce in Ruins”, C-LAB Museum’s Special Exhibition

Lee Kan Kyo, ‘LEE’S DVD’, 2022-2023. Courtesy of the artist.

Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) is a public art museum established in Taipei in 2018. From June 9 to August 13, C-LAB will present “Memory Palace in Ruins,” a group exhibition of Taiwanese and international artists. Twenty-seven artists, including Yu Araki, Andrés Baron, Slater Bradley, Jack Burton, Rutherford Chang, and Che Onejoon, show their works across four exhibition halls and outdoor spaces.

The exhibition explores the persistent presence of the past in the present. Presented under the themes of “Documentation of History” and “Materialization of Memory,” the works feature historical events and recent disasters that the viewer may recognize, as well as symbols of a particular era, such as pop singers and songs.

The works on display include images that evoke déjà vu, pirated DVDs that have circulated in the past, and artifacts that have lost their meaning. In the exhibition space, popular music from the past is faintly audible. Through objects that decay in the physical world but carry historical traces, the exhibition makes the viewer aware of the flow of history they are in.


Long Museum in Shanghai Presents Ayako Rokkaku’s Solo Show

Exhibition poster of Ayako Rokkaku’s Solo Exhibition, “Close to Your Treasure” at Long Museum West Bund, Shanghai, 2023.

The Long Museum Wst Bund, located in Shanghai’s art district West Bund, presents “Ayako Rokkaku: Close to Your Treasure” through August 13. Ayako Rokkaku (b. 1982) uses colorful fluorescent light, painting girl characters with large eyes and exaggerated arms surrounded by fantastical landscapes. She gained international recognition in 2006 when she won the Akio Goto Prize, established by Takashi Murakami (b. 1962).

Rokkaku has been painting using her fingertips instead of brushes since she was 20. She does not sketch and improvises by following the sense of the canvas and acryl paint on her fingertips. Since 2011, She has collaborated with the National Art Center in Japan to bring her two-dimensional images to life in three dimensions.

This is Rokkaku’s first solo exhibition in China. Along with the artist’s ongoing series of brilliantly colored paintings from 2006, the show presents a wide range of works, including early and large-scale paintings on cardboard, three-dimensional works on wooden vases, and recent sculptures using bronze.


‘Beijing Art Weekend’ Wrapped up a Few Days Ago, and Officials Hope for a Recovery in the City’s Art Market

798 Art District, Beijing. Courtesy Gallery Weekend Beijing; Credit: artnet

From May 30 to June 4 (with VIP access from May 26 to May 28), Gallery Weekend Beijing took place in Beijing’s 798 Art District. The seventh edition of Gallery Weekend Beijing was highly anticipated before it began. The 40 participating galleries were primarily based in Berlin, including major galleries and non-profit organizations such as Beijing Commune and Lisson Gallery. Apart from the main Beijing-based galleries, international galleries showcased works by multinational artists in the visitor sector.

Officials anticipated that the event would serve as an opportunity for Beijing’s art market to revitalize, catch up with the international art scene, and expand the number of professional contemporary art galleries in the city after a prolonged period of stagnation due to highly restrictive sanctions over the coronavirus pandemic that continued through 2022. While the number of visitors did not yet recover compared to the pre-pandemic 2019 figures, the number of visitors increased compared to last year, with a high number of domestic visitors indicating local potential.

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