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Stacked Time of Color: "Overlaying Time," a Solo Exhibition by Huh Myoungwook.. and More

Gana Art Bogwang

Stacked Time of Color: "Overlaying Time," a Solo Exhibition by Huh Myoungwook

“Overlaying Time” Installation view at Gana Art Bogwang ©Gana Art

Gana Art Bogwang presents Overlaying Time, a solo exhibition by Huh Myoungwook (b. 1966) from July 20 to August 20.

Huh works in painting, sculpture, video, and crafts, blurring the boundaries between fine art and practical art. Huh’s interests include color and the lacquer medium. The artist believes that color can represent life and himself, and he continues his exploration of color. He mixes colors every morning and treats them as his feelings and thoughts. He also creates formations in his paintings using only color. His interest in color leads to the lacquer medium, which requires at least six months of overlaying to produce color. Through the labor-intensive and time-consuming process of working with lacquer, time is captured in the work as a physical object. Also, the lacquer creates a tactile sensation on the surface of the paintings, adding a unique texture. In this exhibition, the artist’s sensual and diligent work can be seen through a variety of medium. Besides the artist’s existing works, the exhibition will also showcase some of his recent works on the theme of time in nature through video. It allows viewers to explore the artist’s expanded interests.

The works of Huh Myoungwook, who considers the process of work as life itself, will resonate with the audience. 


The Depth of Painting Created by Maze: Xu Qu solo exhibition “The Central Axis”


Tang Contemporary Art Seoul is pleased to present The Central Axis, a solo exhibition by Xu Qu (b. 1978), on view from July 22 to August 26. This is Xu Qu’s fifth solo exhibition at Tang Contemporary Art and will feature his new series ‘Maze’.

Working across multiple medium, including video, painting, sculpture, and installation, Xu’s work explores the reality of globalized world and power relations. In this exhibition, the artist focuses on painting. He has said that to understand the medium of painting is to immerse oneself in a flat surface to find a deeper spaces.

In the series ‘Maze’, we can see the shape of a maze that fills the canvas with colorful colors. The ‘maze’ is not a “labyrinth” with only one entrance, but a “maze” with multiple entrances. Unlike traditional maze, Xu’s mazes have a central axis. This is reminiscent of the symmetrical structures found in Beijing’s architecture. The exhibition will also feature the ‘Exercise’ series and ‘Feed the Eagle-Orange and Purple’ series.

Xu’s works invite the viewer to contemplate a shape and depth of maze, and to feel the unique sense of space he creates in his paintings.

WOOSON Gallery

Landscapes in Art of the Times, For the Times: The Exhibition "Landscapes"

“Landscapes” Installation view at WOOSON gallery ©WOOSON gallery

Landscapes, an exhibition featuring artists Omyo Cho, Nosik Lim, Youngho Jeong, will run from July 13 to August 25 at WOOSON Gallery.

The exhibition aims to examine the contemporary nature of art based on their works. By taking this exhibition as a contemporary landscape depicted by art, the viewer will be able to take a closer look at the single landscape of each work, as well as the other landscapes they can create together. The exhibition considers the work of Omyo Cho, Nosik Lim, and Youngho Jeong as representative of the contemporary art and focuses on the ways in which they manipulate their mediums of sculpture, painting, and photography.

In this exhibition, Omyo Cho presents works based on imagination related to the future and memory. The sculptures, made of glass and stainless steel, are based on imagining the forms of future humans or intelligent beings. Nosik Lim observes and depicts the materials from the places he has stayed. However, these are not depictions of scenes themselves, but psychologically reconstructed landscapes based on a sense of distance between the object and the act of drawing. In this exhibition, we can also see his paintings with blurred and pale shapes or only green lines. Using photography as a tool, Youngho Jeong uses photography to question the impact of technological advancements on perception. By taking photos from websites that collect portraits created by artificial intelligence and rephotographing them, or by zooming in parts of the body and capturing them in black and white, Jeong captures the world through the process of photography.

The different contemporary scenes presented by the three artists are conveyed to the audience not only as a landscape of the times, but also as a landscape that constitutes the times.

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