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"PANORAMA", Explores the Work of 16 Artists in SONGEUN.. and More


"PANORAMA", Explores the Work of 16 Artists in SONGEUN

“PANORAMA” Installation view at SONGEUN ©SONGEUN

From August 16 to October 28, SONGEUN will present PANORAMA, an exhibition featuring 16 artists (teams). The exhibition aims to shed light on each of the 16 artists’ works in time for the Korean art scene to take center stage with Kiaf Seoul and Frieze Seoul in September. To do so, the exhibition is organized in a way that separates the exhibition space for each artist, rather than presenting the works together under one theme.

After passing Seung Hye Hong’s media wall outside the venue and Hyunsun Jeon’s paintings in the lobby on the first floor, a series of video works by Hyewon Kwon, Sungsil Ryu, and Jaye Rhee play on a single screen as you ascend the stairs to the second floor. The second floor features works by Heejoon Lee, Raejung Sim, and Inbai Kim. The three artists exhibit a collaboration of two-dimensional and installation works, allowing viewers to explore their formative worlds. The third floor features paintings by Grim Park, Jiyoung Keem, and Jinju Lee. Even within the same medium, it is interesting to see the differences in the theme and coloring methods of each artist at a glance.

Also, a special program will be held in the B2 exhibition area as part of the PANORAMA. Here, multidisciplinary practices such as performances and sound installations take place, adding to the diversity of the works on exhibition. Currently, Hoyeon Kang’s exhibition Law of Conservation of Artistic Energy (08.09 – 08. 30) is on view, with performances on August 9 and 26. There also be a performance by Anna Anderegg, an exhibition by Youngeun Kim, and concerts by GRAYCODE and jiiiiin.


Empty Spaces created by Things Lost or Left behind the Process of Movement: Exhibition "Dear Empty, "

“Dear Empty,” Poster ©d/p

Dear Empty, , a solo exhibition by Kyulim Kim (b. 1993), will be on view at d/p from August 15 to September 16.

Through video, Kim has been focusing on the process of movement, especially the movement of cities and distribution. This exhibition asks about the things that are lost or left behind in the process of movement and refers to the place they occupy as “empty space”. This empty space, which Kim’s work captures and creates, is a new space where we can escape from our conventional senses and thoughts.

In < Dear Snow > (2023), the artist chases the movement of the snow gauge and tries to capture the camera’s gaze when the subject is not present. Another work, < Memory and Matter 2 > (2023), overlaps the process of moving a grave with the process of data recovery, addressing the issue of memories that move from place to place but remain.

Kyulim Kim deals with themes of place, image, and memory, pursuing what remains despite the movement of matter, or what is lost in the process.

Gallery 175

The Disaster of Reality Overwhelming Dreams: A Solo Exhibition by vak san a

vak san a solo exhibition Installation view at Gallery 175 ©Aproject Company

Gallery 175 will feature solo exhibition by artist vak san a, from August 17 to September 2.

The works in the exhibition originated from dreams. The artist reveals that for a while, the artist immersed in the landscapes of her dreams, feeling liberated. But real-life events soon exceeded the sensation of dreams. From bugs on the windows of convenience stores to unrealistic and frightening floods, and false air-riad siren at dawn, reality became a stranger world than dreams. Therefore, the artist began to move away from dreams and paint landscapes of everyday disasters.

The paintings in the exhibition are reminiscent of street scenes that we have encountered in our daily lives, but the figures in these landscapes are depicted in reversed colors with mushy shapes that appear to have melted or decayed. The figures in < Ornament > (2023) are volatilized and gradually disappear as if they have been caught in a fire or a violent storm.

The weird scenes of everyday life in vak san a’s paintings resemble our emotions in the face of repeated disasters.

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