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MMCA’s Continued Exploration of Korean Experimental Art: A Solo Exhibition of Kim Kulim.. and More

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA), Seoul

MMCA’s Continued Exploration of Korean Experimental Art: A Solo Exhibition of Kim Kulim

Kim Kulim, From Phenomenon to Traces, 1970, plastic box, ice, 170x120x20cm ©MMCA

A solo exhibition by Kim Kulim (b. 1936) will be held at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) in Seoul from August 25, 2023 to February 12, 2024.

Kim Kulim was one of the leading artists of Korean experimental art. He was a founding member of the AG (Korean Avant-Garde Association) and a member of The Fourth Group, an avant-garde art group consisting of young artists and intellectuals. The artist has continued to experiment with various genres such as painting, printmaking, performance, video art, and installation art, focusing on the relationship between objects and time, and the contrast between two conflicting states.

The exhibition highlights the artist’s work over the past 50-60 years, from his abstract painting in the late 1950s to his ‘Yin and Yang’ series in 2020s. The exhibition is spread across Gallery 6 and Gallery 7 of the MMCA, with works from the 1960s and 70s in Gallery 6 and works on ‘nature’ which he has embraced since moving to the United States in 1984 in Gallery 7. The exhibition also includes two new installations for the first time.

Besides, on September 7, from 14:00 – 15:30, a multidisciplinary performance will take place in MMCA Seoul Multi-Project Hall. This performance will bring together film, dance, music, and theater to reenact Kim’s work.

Art Center Nabi

Collecting and Preserving Media Art: "Cabinet of the Ephemeral" at Art Center Nabi

“Cabinet of the Ephemeral” Installation view at Art Center Nabi ©Art Center Nabi

Art Center Nabi will present Cabinet of the Ephemeral from September 1 to 27.

The exhibition is about the collecting of media art. The name of the exhibition is a variation of the “Cabinet of Curiosities”, which is said to be the origin of the museum. Reminding us of the impermanent nature of media art as a thing, yet lasting as a temporary experience, the exhibition asks what it means to collect and preserve media art. To this end, the exhibition’s digital leaflet provides basic descriptions of the artists and their works, as well as information on collecting methods, management policies, and prices.

The artists featured in the exhibition are Yiyun Kang, Yunchul Kim, Jinah Roh, Hojun Song, Shinseungback & Kimyonghun, Minha Yang, Yangachi, A.N. (Haru Ji & Graham Wakefield), and teamVOID. Through installation, video, and painting, the artists explore media such as Geiger-Müller tube (Yunchul Kim), artificial intelligence (Jinah Roh, Shinseungback & Kimyonghun), satellites (Hojun Song), and Ethereum miner (Yangachi), and utilize spatial date (Haru Ji & Graham Wakefield), computer signal analysis (Minha Yang), and digital drawing (Yiyun Kang) in their own ways.

Total Museum of Contemporary Art

Accidents with Autonomous Vehicles and the Hearing of AI: " The Prophet in the Darkness", an Exhibition by Bang & Lee

‘AI Prophet’ in Bang&Lee’s 3D animation ©Total Museum of Contemporary Art

From September 1 to 10, Total Museum of Contemporary Art will present The Prophet in the Darkness by Bang & Lee.

Bang & Lee is artist duo comprised of Jayoung Bang and Yunjun Lee. Their work is based on new media installations and questions the gaps that arise when science and technology are applied in society.

In this exhibition, Bang & Lee collaborate with scientist Jongkil Park (Senior Researcher, Neuromorphic Engineering, KIST) to depict a society in which a super-intelligent AI ‘AI Prophet’ system, equipped with neuromorphic chips that simulate the human brain, is applied. The exhibition centers on two three-channel 3D animations, < AI hearing > and < Eyeshine >. (*Please find the Screening schedule below.) In particular, < AI hearing > is the centerpiece of the exhibition, which tells the story of a car accident in a society where autonomous vehicles equipped with AI Prophet systems have been commercialized. As the accident was caused by AI prediction error, the AI Agent and the AI Chairman hold a hearing to ask the AI prophet the reason for the accident and its responsibility. The three characters, the AI Agent, the AI Chairman, and the AI prophet are presented in human form but are difficult to identify in terms of gender, age, and race. Through their stories, the viewers are invited to reflect on the ethics and dilemmas of a technological society. Alongside the video screening, the exhibition also features an installation about the accident that led to the hearing, as well as paintings and poetry that help explain the new world that Bang & Lee has built for this project.


*Screening Schedule (video’s running time: 74 min and 4 sec)

Mon-Sat:  1st 12:00 / 2nd 13:30/ 3rd 15:00/ 4th 16:30

Sun:  1st 13:00 / 2nd 14:30 / 3rd 16:00

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