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Joaquín Boz's Solo Exhibition "diffusion" to be Presented for the First Time in Asia.. and One more

Perrotin Samcheong

Joaquín Boz's Solo Exhibition "diffusion" to be Presented for the First Time in Asia

Exhibition view of Joaquín Boz’s ‘diffusion’ at Perrotin Samcheong, Seoul. Photographer: Hwang Jung wook. Courtesy of the artist and Perrotin.

From March 30 to May 26, Perrotin Samcheong will present “diffusion” a solo exhibition by the emerging Argentine artist Joaquín Boz (b. 1987). It is the artist’s first exhibition at Perrotin and his first in Asia.

The exhibition will feature ten abstract paintings created in the Perrotin Samcheong. The works are based on the impressions and feelings of specific areas during his two months in Seoul. Painted on wooden panels, the paint is attatched by hand, spread with a knife, scraped and wiped off, revealing a variety of textures and densely colored surfaces.

The artist, who graduated from the National University of Rosario in Argentina and earned a master’s degree in art from the Universidad Torquato Di Tella, is known for his work locally. His exhibitions include works created in his studio, but when the exhibition is determined, he often arrives at the location ahead of the work and stays for a couple of months to work on it. He feels and what his body remembers while moving or traveling are moved into specific shapes, colors, and textures through his works.

Joaquín Boz


3.30-5.26, 2023

Perrotin Samcheong: 5, Palpan-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Thaddaeus Ropac, Seoul

"Grisailles: Banquet of Light", a Solo Exhibition by Artistic Nomad Miquel Barceló

"Grisailles: Banquet of Light" Installation view ©Thaddaeus Ropac

On view from March 9 through April 15, the Spain-based contemporary artist Miquel Barceló (b.1957) will present “Grisailles: Banquet of Light,” a solo exhibition at Thaddaeus Ropac Seoul.

The title of the exhibition, “Grisailles,” refers to a painting technique used by medieval artists who used only gray or gray-scale colors to create light and shade. Barcelo inherited the tradition of grisaille but added and developed his own form by applying thin translucent layers of red, blue, yellow, and pink colors on a monochromatic background to create his own style.

Alongside the bull paintings, which symbolize strength, the exhibition will highlight the artist’s recent series of large-scale still life paintings titled Banquet. It features iconic elements reminiscent of Vanitas paintings, such as skeletal creatures, skulls, bouquets of flowers and baskets of fruit, including marine life that the artist often encountered on the island of Majorca, where he lived. By juxtaposing these opposing elements on the same canvas, the artist invites viewers to reflect on life and death, decay and recovery.

Miguel Barceló is an artistic nomad whose work is inspired by his travels around the world, including Europe, New York, and Africa. He utilizes non-traditional artistic media from the natural world (ash, algae, sediment, etc.). He is known for his mixed media paintings, expressionistic bronze sculptures, and ceramics.

Miquel Barceló

Grisailles: Banquet of Light

3.9-4.15, 2023

Thaddaeus Ropac, Seoul: 122, Dokseodang-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

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