In Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Choreographer Adam Linder Presents Dance Exhibition Every Day, Whole Day for a Month.. and More


In Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Choreographer Adam Linder Presents Dance Exhibition Every Day, Whole Day for a Month

Adam Linder, ‘Service No 5: Dare to Keep Kids off Naturalism,’ 2017. Produced by Kunsthalle Basel and South London Gallery. Pictured: Noha Ramadan, Stephen Thompson, Justin F Kennedy and Leah Katz at Kunsthalle Basel.

Often in contemporary art galleries, dancers are dancing. Adam Linder (b. 1983) is an Australian choreographer who makes works for both the traditional performance stage and galleries. The formal differences between exhibition and traditional performance, the different structures, and the conventions of the two spaces become integral parts of his work.

From July 22 to August 20, the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) features a rotating cast of dancers performing Linder’s newly commissioned work ‘Hustle Harder.’ The performance goes on every day, throughout the entire museum hours for a month. The work deals with the phenomenon that performers and the public are increasingly posing for the camera in contemporary museums. Linder has choreographed a rich, eerie movement that explores this phenomenon, endless reproduction of images and artworks and architecture becoming the backdrop for portraits.


Taipei Fine Arts Museum Holds a Retrospective of Edward Yang, the Pioneer of Taiwanese New Cinema

Edward Yang during the filming of ‘That Day, on the Beach,’ c. 1982-1983. Courtesy of Kaili Peng. Deposited in Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute.

Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM), in collaboration with Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute (TFAI), presents “A One and A Two: A One and A Two: Edward Yang Retrospective” through October 22.

Edward Yang (1947-2007) was a world-renowned filmmaker who led Taiwan’s New Cinema movement. Through his films, he provided critical insights into urban issues, gender power, politics, history and violence, and social change in Taiwan. The show quotes the title of his last film.

The exhibition features Yang’s manuscripts, documents, archives, personal artifacts, and records that the curatorial team has organized and researched over the past three years. Yang’s artistic world is organized into seven central themes, and the exhibition conveys key moments in Yang’s life and art chronologically.

In addition to the feature film, four of Yang’s plays, a posthumous animation, and various manuscripts are included to provide a holistic view of Yang’s aesthetics and thought. An international forum coincided with the opening of the exhibition, and TFAI will screen Yang’s films throughout the exhibition period.


Singapore Art Museum Presents Inaugural “Sam Contemporaries,” a Biennial to Read the Trends of the Local Art Scene

Installation view of Fyerool Darma’s ‘Total Output featuring Aleezon, berukera, billyX, Jasim, Lee Khee San, Lé Luhur, and rawanXberdenyut’ at SAM Contemporaries: Residues & Remixes, 2023. Credit: SAM

Singapore Art Museum (SAM) presents the inaugural edition of SAM Contemporaries. “SAM Contemporaries: Residues & Remixes” is on view through September 24. SAM Contemporaries is a biennial conceived to showcase the latest trends in Singapore’s contemporary art and seeks to foster close collaboration and joint research between artists and curators.

The exhibition explores the impact of migration, the influx of foreign cultures, and the historical legacy of colonization on Singapore’s present, seeking to uncover hidden histories and forgotten stories from a decolonial and postcolonial perspective. The impact of digital technology on the way we see, experience, and understand the world is also a major topic of discussion. Participating artists are Moses Tan, Khairulddin Wahab, Fyerool Darma, Priyageetha Dia, Anthony Chin, and Yeyonn Ann Avis.

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