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‘Images are Generated by the Artist’: The Exhibition “The Images”.. and More

HITE Collection

‘Images are Generated by the Artist’: The Exhibition “The Images”

“The Images” Installation view at HITE Collection Photo: Kim Kyungtae ©HITE Collection

HITE Collection presents The Images, an exhibition featuring eight artists, on view from July 7 to September 19. HITE Collection is an exhibition space under the HITE Cultural Foundation, which was established by HITEJINRO, and has been actively exhibiting since its opening in 2010.

The exhibition focuses on areas that cannot be expressed in words but can only be expressed in images. It highlights images that are created by human will. Under the premise that “Images are generated by the artist”, the exhibition explores how eight artists working in painting, photography, and video visualize their thoughts on time, experience, and memory through images.

The exhibition is on the B1 and 2F floors. On the B1 floor, the exhibition opens with a video by Uri Han, followed by Kyoungtae Kim, photographs by Heeseung Chung, and paintings by Seokho Kang, Kyeongbin Jeong, and Min sun. The second-floor features video works by Yongkwan Kim, paintings by Seokho Kang, Suyoung Kim, and as on the first floor, photographs by Heeseung Chung. The exhibition illuminates each artist’s way of dealing with images through these two-dimensional media.    

This exhibition will provide a deeper experience of thinking about the image as a fundamental component of visual art.

SeMA Warehouse

How emerging artists approach the age of technology: “If reality is the best metaphor” by Soomin Shon and “Swaying Straight Line” by Sejin Hong

Soomin Shon, In God We Trust, 2023, HD video, sound, 12’ 9”” ©Seoul Museum of Art
Sejin Hong, Spinning lines, 2023, Oil on Canvas, 45x45cm ©Seoul Museum of Art

From July 6 to July 30, SeMA Warehouse, an annex of the Seoul Museum of Art, presents If reality is the best metaphor, a solo exhibition by Soomin Shon (b.1986), and Swaying Straight Line, a solo exhibition by Sejin Hong (b. 1992).

Soomin Shon pays attention to how boundaries and cracks in our technology-based capitalist society affect our individual identities, perceptions, and relationships with others. Against this backdrop, the artist visualizes our experience of desire, emptiness, and loneliness through time-based medium. If reality is the best metaphor is an extension of this interest, focusing on the ambivalence of values that drive individuals and societies, such as money, but which have become absolute power over them.

Using painting as her primary medium, Sejin Hong’s work focuses on the information gap between the real world and her own senses. In particular, she has been thinking about the gap between visual and auditory information about the phenomena in front of her as she listens to sounds through cochlear implants due to hearing loss as a child. In this exhibition, the artist explores the realm of truth that exists between the new and the old in the age of technology through 16 works. The exhibition features paintings depicting landscapes with natural organisms and artificial mechanical objects used in factories on the same screen. The landscapes are often transformed into geometric shapes, and the surface of a painting is constructed by scratching or covering.  Also, artificially reconstructed sounds of birdsong and a work in the form of a praxinoscope add to the diversity of the exhibition.

These two exhibitions, which are part of the Seoul Museum of Art’s ‘2023 Emerging Artists Supporting Program’, showcase the perspectives of emerging artists with a sense of the contemporary world.

Soorim Cube

Solo Exhibitions of Two Artist addressing Contemporary Issues: Hyojin Kim’s “The Maze of Humanity” and Yohan Hàn’s “Fɔ.ʁɔm- Union for Another Chronicle”

“The Maze of Humanity” Poster © Soorim Cube
“Fɔ.ʁɔm- union for another chronicle” Poster © Soorim Cube

Soorim Cube, operated by Soorim Cultural Foundation, showcases The Maze of Humanity by Hyojin Kim, and Fɔ.ʁɔm- union for another chronicle by Yohan Hàn (b. 1983) from July 1 to August 3 as part of the Soorim Art Lab Re-creation Supporting Program.

Hyojin Kim majored in Oriental painting and is interested in how humans survive. She expresses how individuals preserve themselves and live in the ecosystem of society through visual art. In this exhibition, the artist seeks to break away from the rigid division of ‘me’ and the ‘other’ and proposes that we need to cross the boundary and open our minds to the unfamiliar. The exhibition consists of a room of a maze, a room of holes, and a final third room showing creatures that have escaped through the holes in the previous room. The three spaces deal with the creatures in the paintings moving at different speeds, the holes they enter and exit, and the unique time of each creature’s existence.

Yohan Hàn pays attention to physical elements such as skin, gesture, dance, and tactile sensations. His interest in the body extends to sensing the changes in the body caused by the digital environment. As a way of responding to these changes, the artist focuses on concepts such as ‘pensée archaÏque’ and ‘post digital’. Fusing ancient contexts and layers of time with contemporary elements, the artist worked with shaped canvas, percussion, and ancient forms of communication to explore the body. The exhibition illuminates these interests through representative themes.

The exhibition at Soorim Cube will provide us with a fresh perspective on contemporary issues such as the ‘other’ and the changes in bodily sensation due to the digital world in the artists’ own words.

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