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Ilmin Museum of Art's Exploration of Contemporary Painting, Part 2: Exhibition "I Like To Watch".. and More

Ilmin Museum of Art

Ilmin Museum of Art's Exploration of Contemporary Painting, Part 2: Exhibition "I Like To Watch"

“I Like To Watch” Installation view at Ilmin Museum of Art ©Ilmin Museum of Art

From September 7 to November 12, the Ilmin Museum of Art will present I Like To Watch, a solo exhibition by Issy Wood (b. 1993).

Issy Wood is a multidisciplinary artist who works in painting, blogging, composing music, and directing music videos. Issy Wood’s paintings depict cropped scenes with low-chroma colors on a blurred screen as if a filter has been applied. The artists paints vintage objects, luxuries, and sexual metaphors, illustrating them with classical motifs from Hellenism, Gothic, and Baroque. The works are also characterized by the artist’s indifferent attitude toward objects and scenes.

The exhibition is held on the first, second, and third floors of the Ilmin Museum of Art. On the first floor, 25 small paintings and one ceramic tile work on the floor are displayed, while the second floor features paintings that are larger than those on the first floor. On the third floor, viewers can see the work < Study for good will > (2019), which uses clothes, as well as the artist book QUEEN BABY (2023), which was published during the exhibition. Also, viewers can watch several music videos directed by the artist.

The exhibition is part of a program to explore contemporary painting, following the previous exhibition Hysteria. The exhibition understands Issy Wood’s work as “examine the very act of painting”, which “muddies the conventional attempts to reduce painting to binaries of form and content, spatiality, and flatness.”

Amorepacific Museum of Art

First Solo Exhibition and Retrospective of American Conceptual Artist Lawrence Weiner in Korea

“LAWRENCE WEINER: UNDER THE SUN” Installation view at Amorepacific Museum of Art ©Amorepacific Museum of Art

Amorepacific Museum of Art will present LAWRENCE WEINER: UNDER THE SUN, a solo exhibition by American conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner (b. 1942), from August 31, 2023 to January 28, 2024. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition in Korea and his first retrospective since his passing in 2021.

Lawrence Weiner uses language as the main material of his works and refers to his works using language as sculpture. Wiener’s works take the form of text on the wall. The texts are mainly composed of capitalized letters of the alphabet, but there are also a few works in this exhibition that are specially written in Korean. These works are written in primary colors such as red, yellow, blue, and green, or black letters with geometric graphics. The artist values the different interpretations of his works and provides only ‘language + the materials referred to’ as information about the works.

In addition to the artist’s works using languages, the exhibition also features video footage. Besides, seven Korean art collections from the Amorepacific Museum of Art will be exhibited alongside Weiner’s works, reflecting the artist’s philosophy of responding to the cultural elements of the countries in which he is exhibited.

Nam-Seoul Museum of Art

Five Artists' Garden at the Nam-Seoul Museum of Art: Exhibition ”The Hanging Gardens of Babylon"

“The Hanging Gardens of Babylon” Installation view at Nam- Seoul Museum of Art ©Seoul Museum of Art

From August 30 to November 19, Nam-Seoul Museum of Art features The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, an exhibition by artists Kohui, Kim Joon, Yang Seungwon, Cho Leesop, and Hyun Nahm.

The exhibition understands “garden” as a space that reflects the desire for a utopia in nature through the arrangement of natural materials and man-made objects. In this context, the garden is a nexus of nature and culture and has become a more public space in modern times. This exhibition explores these symbolic meanings of the garden and presents works by artists whose themes include reality and fiction, simulacrum and reproduction, and ecology.  

In Kohui’s <Composition for Objective Sound> series, the viewer can change the sound by touching the screen, which is associated with the gardener’s act of trimming the plants in the garden. Kim Joon’s work is composed of sounds and photographs collected during his travels in Korea, Australia, and New Zealand, arranged in the form of furniture with drawers or soundboxes. Yang Seungwon creates Zen garden of the East by photographing cement, soil, and other materials and recreating them in a 3D modeling program. Cho Leesop exhibits sculptures using plant-based motifs, as well as animals and stones that might be found in a garden. The works are mostly black, which the artist understands as a vital color that opens new possibilities. Hyun Nahm, who has been paying attention to the Chukgyeong(miniascape) method of reducing large natural landscapes to small-scale works, presents different interpretations of Kazimir Malevich’s (1878-1935) architectural form ‘Arkhitekton’ and three-non objective paintings.

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젠더 조건과 평등을 이해하는데 관심을 가진 작가들의 전시: “즐겁게! 기쁘게!”

An Exhibition of Artists Interested in Understanding Gender Conditions and Equality: "Living in Joy"

Art Sonje Center

“Living in Joy” Installation view at Art Sonje Center ©Art Sonje Center Photo: Lee Euirock

아트선재센터에서는 6월 25일까지 “즐겁게! 기쁘게!” 전시를 진행한다. 이 전시는 박론디(b.1993), 박보마(b.1988), 우한나(b.1988), 세명의 작가가 참여하는 단체전으로 같은 기간 열리는 하이디 부허(Heidi Bucher)의 작품세계에 응답하는 전시로 오늘날의 젠더 조건과 평등을 이해하고 관심을 갖는 작가들의 이야기를 소개한다.

Art Sonje Center is presenting Living in Joy until June 25. A group exhibition featuring three artists Rondi Park(b.1993), Boma Pak(b.1988), and Hannah Woo(b.1988), this exhibition responds to the work of Heidi Bucher, which is on view in the same period and introduces the stories of artists who understand and are interested in today’s gender conditions and equality.

전시에 참여하는 세 작가들은 기존의 남성주의 사회에서 벗어나 새로운 가치의 변화를 지향한 하이디 부허처럼 자신들의 작업을 통해 새로운 인식, 새로운 변화, 새로운 연결을 만들어내는 동시대 예술 생산의 가능성을 살펴본다. 작가들은 모두 30대의 여성으로 전시를 기획한 추스 마르티네스는 세 작가에 대해 “오롯이 변화해 새롭게 다시 태어나는 ‘변신’에 관심을 갖고 있으며, 친밀함과 긍정의 에너지가 사회를 변화시킬 수 있다고 여기는 공통점이 있다”고 설명했다.

The three artists in the exhibition explore the possibilities of contemporary artistic production to create new perceptions, new changes, and new connections through their work, just as Heidi Bucher did when she broke away from the existing masculinist society and sought new values. The artists are all women in their 30s, and curator Chuz Martinez explains that the three artists “Share an interest in ‘Transformation,’ in being transformed and reborn, and a belief that the energy of intimacy and positivity can transform society.”

전시에는 사회구조를 모티프로 해 헝클어지고 무너진 버진 로드를 형상화한 박보마의 결혼식의 영혼 과 천을 주재료로 여성의 장기를 모티프로 한 우한나의 설치 작품, 가로로 긴 캔버스에 달리는 말과 그 위에 널브러진 사람들을 통해 강박적으로 일하는 현대인을 표현한 박론디 작가의 회화 작품 등을 확인해볼 수 있다. 이 전시는 젠더의 본질적 경험에 예술이 기여하는 방식을 탐구하고 동시에 타인과 세상을 향해 다가가는 흔쾌한 감정인 ‘기쁨’을 우리 모두의 안녕을 깊이 돌보는 방법으로 제안한다.

The exhibition features works such as Boma’s “The Soul of Wedding: About Eternity,” which depicts a tattered and crumbling Virgin Road as a motif of social structure, Hannah Woo’s installation made of fabric and female organs, and Rondi Park’s paintings, which depict modern people working obsessively through horses running across a long horizontal canvas and people sprawled on top of them. The exhibition explores the ways in which art contributes to the essential experience of gender, and at the same time proposes “joy,” a common emotion that reaches out to others and the world, as a way to deeply care for the well-being of all of us.

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"From City to Coast": The First Solo Exhibition of Iconic American Painter Edward Hopper in Korea.. and More

미국의 대표적인 화가 에드워드 호퍼의 국내 첫 개인전: “길 위에서”.. 외

Seoul Museum of Art Seosomun Main Branch

"From City to Coast": The First Solo Exhibition of Iconic American Painter Edward Hopper in Korea

미국의 대표적인 화가 에드워드 호퍼의 국내 첫 개인전: “길 위에서”

Edward Hopper, Self-Portrait, 1925-30, Oil on canvas, 64.5 × 51.8 cm, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; Josephine N. Hopper Bequest 70.1165. ©2023 Heirs of Josephine Hopper/Licensed by SACK, Seoul

Currently, the Seoul Museum of Art Seosomun Main Branch is hosting the first solo exhibition of iconic American painter Edward Hopper in Korea since April 20, Edward Hopper: From City to Coast is on view.

The exhibition is part of the ‘Masterpieces from Overseas Collections’ program, in which the Seoul Museum of Art collaborates with leading overseas art institutions to introduce world-class masterpieces, and has been in talks with the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, which holds the largest collection of Hopper’s works, since 2019.

Divided into several sections, the exhibition explores Hopper’s life and art, presenting more than 270 works, including more than 160 paintings, prints, and drawings from his 65-year career and more than 110 materials from the Sanborn Hopper Archive.

Hopper drew inspiration for his work from all over the United States and abroad, including Paris, New York City, New England, and Cape Cod, where he often expressed his feelings and thoughts about his experiences. As a result of his travels, he has developed a unique style of painting, depicting natural, urban, and everyday landscapes from his own perspective and composition.

Through light and shadow, his work depicts city lights and empty streets, glamorous theaters and quiet restaurants, standing and seated figures with an observant eye.

The exhibition’s title, From City to Coast, refers to Hopper’s journey to his favored spaces of ‘Paris’, ‘New York’, ‘New England’, and ‘Cape Cod’, where he matured his unique art. Other sections include ‘Journey’, ‘Illustration’, ‘The Hoppers’, and ‘Hopper’s View and Documentary’, which provide an intimate look at the artist’s life and work.

In this exhibition, you will be able to experience many of his works at once. The calm and serene atmosphere when you encounter them will give you a sense of how much the artist strived to grow as an artist and how passionate he was about his art.

The exhibition runs until August 20 and is by appointment only, so you’ll need to reserve your spot in advance. Tickets are available at the door, but space is limited, so it’s best to check availability.

현재 서울시립미술관 서소문 본관(Seoul Museum of Art Seosomun Main Branch)에서는 4월 20일부터 미국의 대표적인 화가 에드워드 호퍼(Edward Hopper)의 국내 첫 개인전 에드워드 호퍼: 길 위에서 Edward Hopper: From City to Coast 전시가 진행되고 있다.

이 전시는 서울시립미술관이 해외 유수의 미술 기관과 협력해 세계적 명화를 소개하는 ‘해외 소장품 걸작전’의 일환으로 호퍼의 작품을 최대로 소장하고 있는 뉴욕의 휘트니 미술관과 2019년부터 협의를 시작해 마침내 올해 개최되는 대규모 전시이다.

작품들은 그의 65년 화업 기간 동안 회화, 판화, 드로잉 등의 작품 160여점과 산본 호퍼 아카이브(Sanborn Hopper Archive)의 자료 110여 점을 포함해 270여점을 여러 섹션으로 나누어 선보이며 호퍼의 생애와 예술 세계를 탐구한다.

호퍼는 미국 전역은 물론이고 해외에서 작품에 대한 영감을 받으며 활동을 하였는데 파리, 뉴욕, 뉴잉글랜드, 케이프코드 등 다양한 곳을 아우르며 경험하고 겪은 감정과 생각에 대한 표현을 주로 하였다. 그로 인해 그는 여러 지역을 다니면서 시선이 환기되며 자연, 도시, 일상의 풍경을 자신만의 관점과 구도로 묘사하면서 독창적인 화풍을 개척해 나가게 되었다.

그의 작업은 빛과 그림자를 통해 도시의 불빛과 그에 반한 텅 빈 거리, 화려한 극장과 고요한 식당, 우두커니 서 있거나 앉아있는 인물을 관찰자적 시선으로 묘사한다.

전시 제목 길 위에서(From City to Coast)는 호퍼가 선호한 공간인 ‘파리 Paris’, ‘뉴욕 New York’, ‘뉴잉글랜드 New England’, ‘케이프코드 Cape Cod’ 로 향하는 길이자, 그곳에서 호퍼가 독자적인 예술을 성숙시켜 가는 여정이라고 말할 수 있다. 이외의 섹션은 ‘여정 Journey’, ‘삽화 Illustration’, ‘호퍼 부부 The Hoppers’, ‘호퍼의 말과 글 Hopper’s View and Documentary’ 로 구성되며 작가의 삶과 작품세계를 충실히 조망한다.

이번 전시에서는 그의 수많은 작품을 한번에 접할 수 있으므로 고요하며 잔잔한 그의 작품 속에서 작가가 예술가로 얼마나 성장하기에 노력했는지, 예술에 대한 열정이 어땠는지 확인해 보기를 바란다.

전시는 8월 20일까지 진행되며 관람시간 지정예약제로 운영되어 사전예매가 필요하다. 현장 예매도 가능하지만 수량이 한정적이므로 관람가능시간을 확인해 보길 추천한다.

Buk-Seoul Museum of Art

A Special Exhibition at the Buk-Seoul Museum of Art Celebrating its 10th Anniversary: "Now What"

개관 10주년을 맞는 서울시립 북서울미술관의 기획전: “이제 어떻게 하시겠습니까?”

“Now What” Poster ©Buk-Seoul Museum of Art

The Buk-Seoul Museum of Art in Seoul, South Korea, is hosting the exhibition Now What, which opened on April 25 and will run through July 9. This exhibition features 14 videos and installations by six artists/teams.

Since its opening in 2013, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art has been running various programs with the aim of becoming a community-friendly museum that coexists with the local community, attempting to create a diverse network of relationships between the local community and visitors. As the museum is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, this exhibition is a continuation of the museum’s consideration of its relationship with visitors will be held in the first half of 2023, bringing together interventions by the museum, artists, the local community, and visitors to create interaction.

In particular, this exhibition focuses on video art among new media. New media characterized by its high interactivity, but video art has been displayed on the wall in the traditional white cube and rarely interacts with the audience.

Therefore, in order to showcase the experiential aspect of video art and present it in a complex and autonomous way, the exhibition implements a “game play” of the many components of the work. To accomplish this, we devised gamified texts and created spaces that allow for seamless interaction with the work’s interpretive layers and fragmented experiences. Of note is the ‘immersive simulation’ game. They demand more interaction from the player in the game environment, allowing them to interact with almost every element, and give them the autonomy to discover new rules and play creatively without a prescribed strategy.

The artists and teams in the exhibition work with new media in a variety of ways, from traditional film to documentary, interactive video, live simulations, and more. Visitors will be able to wander among the works and interact with them at will, absorbing their rules or language on an experiential level. We invite you to experience the joy of watching video art by interacting with various works by various artists at the Museum of Northern Seoul, which aims to be a ‘Community-Friendly Museum’.

서울시립 북서울미술관 (Buk-Seoul Museum of Art)에서는 이제 어떻게 하시겠습니까? (Now What) 전시가 4월 25일 개막해 7월 9일까지 진행된다. 전시에는 총 6 작가/팀이 참여해 14점의 영상, 설치를 선보인다.

2013년 개관한 북서울미술관은 ‘지역 공동체와 상생하는 커뮤니티 친화적 미술관’이라는 지향점을 가지고 지역과 관람객 간의 다양한 관계망을 만들기를 시도하며 여러 프로그램을 운영해왔다. 이 전시는 북서울미술관이 올해 개관 10주년을 맞는 만큼 관람객과의 관계에 대한 고민의 연장선상에서 기획된 2023년 상반기전시로 미술관과 작가, 지역사회와 관람객들의 개입이 모여 상호작용을 일으키는 전시이다.

특히 이번 전시에서는 뉴 미디어 중 비디오 아트를 다룬다. 뉴 미디어는 기본적으로 높은 상호작용성이 특징인데 비디오 아트들은 기존의 화이트 큐브에서는 벽에 걸려 전시되어 있을 뿐 제 역할을 못하며 관객들과 상호작용이 드물었다.

그리하여 이번 전시에서는 비디오 아트를 통한 경험적인 측면을 보여주고 복잡하고 자율적인 방식으로 제시하기 위해, 작품의 수많은 구성 요소들을 ‘게임적 연출’로 구현한다. 이를 위해 작품의 해석적 층위와 분절된 경험조각과 원활한 상호작용이 일어나도록 게임적 텍스트를 고안하고 공간을 연출했다. 이 중 주목할 점은 ‘이머시브 시뮬레이션’ 게임이다. 플레이어에게 게임 환경 속 에서 더 많은 상호작용을 요구하고 거의 모든 요소와 상호작용하며 정해진 공략법이 아니더라도 자율성을 갖고 신규 규칙을 찾아보며 독창적인 플레이를 펼칠 수 있다.

전시에 참여하는 작가와 팀들은 전통 영화부터 다큐멘터리, 인터랙션 비디오, 라이브 시뮬레이션 등 다양한 방식으로 뉴 미디어를 다룬다. 관람객들은 그들의 작품들 사이를 돌아다니며 자신의 의지대로 작품과 상호작용하며 경험적 차원에서 작품의 규칙 혹은 언어를 흡수할 수 있을 것이다. ‘커뮤니티 친화적 미술관’을 지향하는 북서울미술관에서 다양한 작가들의 다양한 작품들과 상호작용하며 비디오 아트를 감상하는 즐거움을 느껴 보기를 바란다.

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