Gallery Hyundai to Participate in "Art Basel, Basel" after 16 years.. and More

Gallery Hyundai to Participate in "Art Basel, Basel" after 16 years

Gallery Hyundai Exterior ©Gallery Hyundai

Gallery Hyundai, one of Korea’s major galleries, is participating in Art Basel, Basel in Switzerland, starting with a VIP opening on the 13th and running through the 18th. Gallery Hyundai is participating for the first time in 16 years since 2008 and will introduce more than 40 works by monochrome painting master Ufan Lee and ceramic artist Park Young-sook.

In the past, Gallery Hyundai has missed out on Art Basel in Miami and Hong Kong, as well as Art Basel in Switzerland, due to criticism of the gallery’s investment in Korean auction house K-Auction. (The two companies have since separated and no longer have any equity or business exchanges.) But during that time, Gallery Hyundai has been looking for opportunities around Art Basel. During the 2007 edition of Art Basel, it introduced top Korean artists through the Bayeler Gallery in Switzerland, and in 2021, it was invited to participate in Art Basel Miami, USA. Art Basel approved Gallery Hyundai’s participation this year after years of only considering applications from domestic galleries.

Art Basel is the world’s largest art fair, dating back to the 1970s, with 284 world-class galleries participating in the main exhibition, ‘Galleries’, as well as the ‘Feature’, ‘Statements’, and ‘Edition’ sections, and the ‘Unlimited’ exhibition, which features installations, ‘Film’, which showcases film projects by artists from around the world, and ‘Messeplatz’, which hosts a variety of live concerts and performances, among which Gallery Hyundai will participate in ‘Galleries’, ‘Unlimited’, and ‘Film’.

The main event, ‘Galleries,’ will feature more than 40 large-scale white and porcelain works by artist Ufan Lee and ceramicist Park Young-sook, who have collaborated for more than 30 years. ‘Unlimited’ is an Art Basel highlight featuring 76 large-scale installations, including video installations by Moon Kyungwon & Jeon Joonho. In addition, the ‘Film’ section will present “Delivery Dancer’s Sphere” a work by Kim A-young that captures sensitive contemporary issues in a new video language.

HyungTeh Do Gallery Hyundai’s owner and CEO said that Art Basel “will be an important platform to promote Korean art,” adding, “Gallery Hyundai will showcase the uniqueness and artistry of Korean art to the world with the exhibitions and programs we have prepared in Basel.”

Perigee Gallery

'Connection and Separation' and 'Dependence and Independence', ByungHo Lee's Solo Exhibition: "PIECE"

“PIECE” Installation view at Perigee Gallery ©Perigee Gallery Photo: Bae Hansol

From June 2 to July 29, Perigee Gallery, located in Seocho-gu, Seoul, will present PIECE, a solo exhibition by artist ByungHo Lee (b. 1976). The title of this exhibition, Piece, means a part, and through this exhibition, the artist aims to show the simultaneous circulation of one intact part and another.

Since the beginning of his work, the artist has viewed the human body as the object of his works, and he pursues a fluid sculpture that is constantly changing, away from sculptures that is not fixed in a specific meaning. The subject matter of his research begins with exploring and analyzing the human body form in various ways through a sculptural methodology.

In his exploration, the artist’s attention is drawn to the torso, especially the arms, legs, and head, which are separated from the body. The artist sees the separated and discarded parts as connected and separated, dependent and individual, and does not think of them as meaninglessly separated. He sees them as full sculptural objects that have the potential to be reassembled and reappear as something whole.

The works in this exhibition appear to be individual yet connected at the same time, changing shape depending on the viewer’s position and appearing abstract. ‘Part’ is an important theme in the artist’s work, and the multi-part works are selected and connected according to the artist’s intentions and senses, and show bizarre and uncanny sculptures.

In this exhibition, he also uses a variety of colors on the surface of his works. He used brushes to add and subtract color, scrape, and chisel away, working like a sculptor. Gauze is used to create new surfaces, and plaster is mixed with color pigments and painted, giving the impression of color from the outside penetrating into the inside or colors from the inside radiating out and detailed texture shows the effect of adding something.

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