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"From City to Coast": The First Solo Exhibition of Iconic American Painter Edward Hopper in Korea.. and More

Seoul Museum of Art Seosomun Main Branch

"From City to Coast": The First Solo Exhibition of Iconic American Painter Edward Hopper in Korea

Edward Hopper, Self-Portrait, 1925-30, Oil on canvas, 64.5 × 51.8 cm, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; Josephine N. Hopper Bequest 70.1165. ©2023 Heirs of Josephine Hopper/Licensed by SACK, Seoul

Currently, the Seoul Museum of Art Seosomun Main Branch is hosting the first solo exhibition of iconic American painter Edward Hopper in Korea since April 20, Edward Hopper: From City to Coast is on view.

The exhibition is part of the ‘Masterpieces from Overseas Collections’ program, in which the Seoul Museum of Art collaborates with leading overseas art institutions to introduce world-class masterpieces, and has been in talks with the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, which holds the largest collection of Hopper’s works, since 2019.

Divided into several sections, the exhibition explores Hopper’s life and art, presenting more than 270 works, including more than 160 paintings, prints, and drawings from his 65-year career and more than 110 materials from the Sanborn Hopper Archive.

Hopper drew inspiration for his work from all over the United States and abroad, including Paris, New York City, New England, and Cape Cod, where he often expressed his feelings and thoughts about his experiences. As a result of his travels, he has developed a unique style of painting, depicting natural, urban, and everyday landscapes from his own perspective and composition.

Through light and shadow, his work depicts city lights and empty streets, glamorous theaters and quiet restaurants, standing and seated figures with an observant eye.

The exhibition’s title, From City to Coast, refers to Hopper’s journey to his favored spaces of ‘Paris’, ‘New York’, ‘New England’, and ‘Cape Cod’, where he matured his unique art. Other sections include ‘Journey’, ‘Illustration’, ‘The Hoppers’, and ‘Hopper’s View and Documentary’, which provide an intimate look at the artist’s life and work.

In this exhibition, you will be able to experience many of his works at once. The calm and serene atmosphere when you encounter them will give you a sense of how much the artist strived to grow as an artist and how passionate he was about his art.

The exhibition runs until August 20 and is by appointment only, so you’ll need to reserve your spot in advance. Tickets are available at the door, but space is limited, so it’s best to check availability.

Buk-Seoul Museum of Art

A Special Exhibition at the Buk-Seoul Museum of Art Celebrating its 10th Anniversary: "Now What"

“Now What” Poster ©Buk-Seoul Museum of Art

The Buk-Seoul Museum of Art in Seoul, South Korea, is hosting the exhibition Now What, which opened on April 25 and will run through July 9. This exhibition features 14 videos and installations by six artists/teams.

Since its opening in 2013, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art has been running various programs with the aim of becoming a community-friendly museum that coexists with the local community, attempting to create a diverse network of relationships between the local community and visitors. As the museum is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, this exhibition is a continuation of the museum’s consideration of its relationship with visitors will be held in the first half of 2023, bringing together interventions by the museum, artists, the local community, and visitors to create interaction.

In particular, this exhibition focuses on video art among new media. New media characterized by its high interactivity, but video art has been displayed on the wall in the traditional white cube and rarely interacts with the audience.

Therefore, in order to showcase the experiential aspect of video art and present it in a complex and autonomous way, the exhibition implements a “game play” of the many components of the work. To accomplish this, we devised gamified texts and created spaces that allow for seamless interaction with the work’s interpretive layers and fragmented experiences. Of note is the ‘immersive simulation’ game. They demand more interaction from the player in the game environment, allowing them to interact with almost every element, and give them the autonomy to discover new rules and play creatively without a prescribed strategy.

The artists and teams in the exhibition work with new media in a variety of ways, from traditional film to documentary, interactive video, live simulations, and more. Visitors will be able to wander among the works and interact with them at will, absorbing their rules or language on an experiential level. We invite you to experience the joy of watching video art by interacting with various works by various artists at the Museum of Northern Seoul, which aims to be a ‘Community-Friendly Museum’.

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