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Exhibitions of Artist Residency Programs Held Outside of Seoul

An institution or organization that operates artist residency programs mainly provides studio space to artists for a specified period and supports artistic exchanges among the participating artists through various programs.

The duration of the period can vary between institutions. The studio can be rented for as little as a few days or as long as several years, and the different types of programs include exhibitions, workshops, exchange programs, local tours, and open studios. Before the end of their participation, residency programs in Korea may require artists to hold an exhibition showcasing the results of their works.

Seoul is undoubtedly the mecca of the Korean contemporary art scene, but many institutions throughout the country also offer various residency programs and present the participating artists’ achievements. Five artist-in-residencies located outside of Seoul are holding exhibitions showcasing the works of the participating artists, including Busan Cultural Foundation (Busan), Daegu Art Factory (Daegu), Temiorae (Daejeon), APY Artist Residency (Incheon), and Ami Art Museum (Dangjin).

Exhibition view of "2022 Residency Project" at F1962 Seokcheon Hall, organized by Busan Cultural Foundation, Busan. (November 5 – November 20, 2022). Courtesy of the Busan Cultural Foundation.

The 2022 Residency Project exhibition, held at F1963 Sukcheon Hall, gathers the works of thirty-six artists who have participated in residency programs held at five different institutions, including Hongti Art Center, operated by the Busan Cultural Foundation, and four other residencies that received funds from the foundation: Busan Nature Artist Association, Simindoyegahwe (Civic Ceramic Artists Association), Art District_p, and 523KUNSTDOC.

The Busan Cultural Foundation organized this exhibition to provide an opportunity to introduce various residency spaces based in the Busan area and provide opportunities for visitors to be able to connect with ​​the city through the artworks inspired by different regions of Busan.

Poster image of "A Journey of Multitudes" Daegu Art Factory, Daegu. (November 1 - November 30, 2022) ©Daegu Art Factory.

Daegu Art Factory showcases the works of fourteen residency artists: Kijo(기조), Siheun Kim, Youna Kim, Darae Baek, Sooyeoun Baek, Shinmyeon Joon, Eunjoo Shin, Hyemin Yoo, So Jin Lee, Seungho Lee, Yohan Lee, Lim Jihae, Klara Petra Szabo, and Leon Billerbeck. A Journey of Multitudes presents about 100 works that have been carried out during participation in the residency program in March.

The residency program, which also provides an art critic mentoring program, has invited three curators who are active in the Korean and international art scene: Sung woo Kim, director of Primary Practice; Yi Soojung, curator at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art; and Juhyun Cho, a curatorial director of Drifting Curriculum.

The exhibition discusses artists’ shifted identities and lives after the pandemic, which inevitably led to social, structural, and philosophical paradigms. The exhibition also aims to be a place for the artists to reflect on their residency experiences and find new possibilities for their future artistic practices.

Poster image of "Temiorae 2022 Artist Residency Exhibtion" Temiorae, Daejeon. (November 2 - November 29, 2022) ©Temiorae.

2022 Temiorae Artist Residency exhibitions are being held from November 2nd to 29th at Temiorae, Daejeon. Run by the Daejeon Cultural Foundation, Temiorae was officially opened in 2022 as a historical and cultural space centered in the old government building built in the 1930s.

The exhibition consists of three solo exhibitions of artists who have been participating in the artist residency program since last May: Yunju (Hyungju Yoon), Siro (Sooyeon Kim), and Namu (Yooshin Kim).

From November 2 to November 10, artist Yunju showcased works that recreated the six-month experience at the residency space with textile-based installation work. From November 12 to November 19, artist Siro presents paintings of the trees observed during the residency with oil paint and pen on hanji, Korean traditional paper. From November 22 to November 29, artist Namu’s video works will discuss disappearing things in capitalist society.

Artist talks and related programs will accompany the exhibition program. Temiorae is an artist residency program that invites artists of all backgrounds.

Poster image of “Remapping Remapping Remapping: Time, Space, Memory” Artplug Yeonsu, Incheon. (October 22 - November 27, 2022) ©Artplug Yeonsu.

The ArtPlug Yeonsu (APY) Artist residency, run by the Yeonsu Cultural Foundation in Incheon, will hold the 2022 APY Residency Artist Special Exhibition Remapping Remapping Remapping: Time, Space, Memory until November 27.

This year was the first year of the APY’s artist residency program. Five artists participated in APY’s Regional Research Tour program in June, and they are presenting the works based on the artists’ research at various places in Yeonsu-gu, such as Songdo Amusement Park, Fishing Village, Cheonghak Pool, Samho-Hyeon, Cheonghak-dong Zelkova, and used car sales complexes.

The Save-a-Blabla team, composed of artists Gal Yura, Ki Seulki, and Han Suji, reflected on their unique perspectives on eight places in Yeonsu-gu and visualized them through observation and exploration. Artist Lee Sung Kyung expressed the gradually forgotten and disappearing landscapes of Yeonsu-gu through paintings. Artist Jung Jung Ho presents an installation work based on photos and videos that tells the story of a used car sales complex located at the site of the old Songdo Amusement Park.

The five participating artists from different backgrounds look at and reinterpret the present and the past of Yeonsu-gu from various perspectives.

Poster Image of "École de Ami Residency" exhibition at Ami Art Museum, Dangjin. (October 24, 2022 - March 28, 2023) ©Ami Art Museum.

Ami Art Museum, which opened at an abandoned school in Dangjin, Chungcheongnam-do, is presenting an exhibition with the theme of Dangjin’s port area until March 28 next year.

The most recent research found that there were about 60 ports in Dangjin, and it has become a meaningful identity and historical culture of the Dangjin region. Yet many of them have been lost or destroyed due to urban development projects.

The five artists who participated in the Ecole de Ami Residency worked on the theme of Dangjin’s port for two months, going back and forth between the accommodations in Ansom and the studios, which used to be a salt warehouse in Osom; Ryu So Ri, who works with various genres, presented paintings; Park Yong Hwa showcased paintings and installations; An Gyeong jin participated with sculpture works; Lee Ye Eun brought photography works, and Jeong Ji Yeon presented paintings in the exhibition.

The Ami Art Museum aims to raise interest in artworks that touch on local historical and cultural resources, the natural environment, and human resources. The museum also attempts to develop local arts and culture by promoting the creative activities of artists.

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