Call for Artists to Participate in PS Sarubia's "SO.S" (Sarubia Outreach & Support) Program.. and More

PS Sarubia

Call for Artists to Participate in PS Sarubia's "SO.S" (Sarubia Outreach & Support) Program

©PS Sarubia

PS Sarubia will hold a call for artists to participate in the “SO.S” (Sarubia Outreach & Support) program from April 26 to May 26. “SO.S” is a mid-to-long-term artist support program that has been implemented in Sarubia since 2015.

The program begins with a reflection on the fact that many exhibitions are consumed as one-offs, focusing only on results and losing the essence of the exhibition as a means to build a career rather than expanding the artist’s oeuvre. Moving away from the system of the Korean art world and the capitalist logic of the art market, the program focuses on artists and their work, taking into account the situations and problems faced by artists, sharing their concerns at various stages of the work process, and seeking alternatives together.

To this end, we aim to provide continuous attention and feedback from a variety of perspectives by matching art world experts or qualified individuals in a 1:1 format based on mutual empathy and trust. As a facilitator of creation and a mediator who restores the artist’s unique language, we recruit experts from the art world to conduct in-depth critiques and strengthen the function of alternative spaces to focus on the artist’s qualitative satisfaction in various ways.

“SO.S” will be organized into three groups of artists: Group A is for ‘mid-career artists who need another creative breakthrough’, who are trying to try new works in the rapidly changing flow and speed of contemporary art by moving away from the mainstream’s attention or falling into the mannerisms of their own work. (For artists aged 46 to 60 who are qualified for five or more solo exhibitions.)

Group B is for “artists who wish to expand their activities beyond the limits of their region,” and is for regional artists (artists based outside of Seoul and Gyeonggi Province) or returnees (artists who have completed all their degrees abroad or are primarily based abroad and are unfamiliar with the domestic art system and wish to live and work in Korea in the future) aged 35 to 60 with at least three solo exhibitions.

Group C is for “artists who are looking for a new turning point in their work between emerging and mid-career,” who feel the limitations of their work due to repeated exposure at a relatively early age and are considering formal and thematic expansion of their work.” (For artists aged 35 to 45 with at least three solo exhibitions)

Cheongju Art Studio

Artist Residency Report "How Do We Come Across" at Cheongju Art Studio

“How Do We Come Across” Opening Ceremony at Cheongju Art Studio ©CJAS

Cheongju Art Studio is presenting How Do We Come Across, an artist residency report, on view through May 28. The exhibition introduces the 17th batch of artists who will stay and work in Cheongju for over a year.

This year, 14 artists were selected for residencies of less than 12 months and were chosen for their potential to develop their own artistic worlds in various genres as painting, sculpture, and installation, with a focus on the completeness of their work, their attitude toward art, and their authenticity.

The artists in residence reflect contemporary issues such as anthropology, ecology, environment, and media culture in their work based on their own reflections on themselves, others, and the world. Through this residency exhibition, we hope that you can see the capabilities and possibilities of artists who live the life of an artist in their own way.

Cheongju Art Studio opened in March 2007 to build a new art and cultural infrastructure and promote visual arts in Cheongju. Its objective is to provide creative space for domestic and foreign artists, cultivate and inspire their creative abilities through connections with external art experts such as critics and curators, and create a discourse on contemporary art through exchanges.

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