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"BLISS POOL" a Solo Exhibition by Bolivian-American Artist Donna Huanca.. and More

Space K Seoul

"BLISS POOL" a Solo Exhibition by Bolivian-American Artist Donna Huanca

"BLISS POOL" Installation view ©Aproject Company

Space K Seoul, established by KOLON Group, will present “BLISS POOL” a solo exhibition by Donna Huanca (b. 1980) from March 9 to June 8. The exhibition features more than 20 works in various media, including new works.

The exhibition is not limited to genres such as painting, sculpture, installation, and performance, and welcomes viewers with an immersive composition. The new works, which combine natural and artificial materials, stem from the artist’s interest in humans and nature. From the body and skin, the holistic production responds to the audience’s memories, senses, and emotions, leading to insights into society and nature.

In addition, Space K Seoul is curved inside and out, and the artist was inspired by the formality of architecture to organize the exhibition space. BLISS POOL, a 6.4-meter-high, 14.4-meter-long painting mounted on a large curved wall in the exhibition hall, was specially created for the wall.

Donna Huanca is a Bolivian-American female artist whose work is informed by the cultural differences between the two countries she experienced as a child and the emotions she saw and felt while experiencing local festivals in Bolivia. She is an artist who completely refutes the frailty of women traditionally represented in art history and puts forward a strong image, giving women a strong subjectivity in organizing exhibitions.


3.9-6.8, 2023

Space K: 32, Magokjungang 8-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul

Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art

"Unfolding and Deepening" a Solo Exhibition by Minwook Jin, Selected as the 12th Artist of Young Eun Artist Project.

“Unfolding and Deepening” Installation view ©Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art

Young Eun Museum of Contemporary Art is presenting a solo exhibition by Minwook Jin (b. 1980), who was selected as the 12th artist of Young Eun Artist Project. The exhibition is titled “Unfolding and Deepening” and will be held from March 18 to April 23 in Exhibition hall 2.

Unlike classical Western paintings, the artist creates works utilizing the multi-perspective technique, which is characteristic of traditional Eastern arithmetic paintings, depicting landscapes and objects from multiple angles. Therefore, if you look closely at the works, you can see that the objects are drawn from different points of view, but they are closely combined to form a single picture.

One of the characteristics of Jin’s work is that she has canvases of various shapes. This originates from the folding screens he saw at his grandmother’s house as a child, and her memories of looking at them and imagining the unknown world behind them became the source of her work. She also finds inspiration for her work while taking walks. She finds various narratives in the everyday things he discovers while walking in the mountains.

Minwook Jin graduated from Ewha Womans University, Department of Oriental Painting, and received her MFA in Chinese Painting from CAFA, Beijing. She then returned to Korea and earned his Ph.D. in Oriental Painting at Ewha Womans University.

Unfolding and Deepening

3.18-4.23, 2023

Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art: 300 Cheongseok-ro, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Park Seo-Bo Museum of Art (Tentatively title) in Seogwipo City, Jeju Island

Park Seo-Bo Museum of Art (Tentatively title) Bird's-eye view ©GIZI Foundation

Park Seo-Bo (b. 1931), a master of monochromatic painting who pioneered and led Korean abstract painting, held a groundbreaking ceremony for an art museum named after him (tentatively titled Park Seo-Bo Museum of Art) on the 14th.

The design is by Spanish architect Fernando Menis (b. 1951), who is known for incorporating ‘Island identity’ into his architecture. Menis was born on the Spanish island of Tenerife, which was created by a volcanic eruption and have a similar environment to Jeju Island. Inspired by this natural commonality, Menis designed the museum to coexist with nature through materials found in Jeju’s natural environment.

The scale is 12,137㎡, with a total construction area of 11,571㎡ (900㎡ for the exhibition hall), with one floor above ground and two floors below. It will be built as a sunken structure that utilizes the Picado technique to pursue a peaceful atmosphere rather than the coldness of concrete and allows natural light to reach the underground exhibition hall.

The museum will be located on the grounds of the JW Marriott Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju Island, and will be operated by the GIZI Foundation, a nonprofit foundation founded by artist Park Seo-Bo. Upon its opening, the GIZI Foundation will present permanent and temporary exhibitions, education, and event programs.

MMCA, Cheongju

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Cheongju 'Media Canvas'

Je Baak, Eyes of, Anamorphic 3D animation, Image Captioning AI, ChatGPT, 4’ 40”, ⓒJung Juntaek

The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Cheongju has built large-scale digital signage ‘Media Canvas’ on its exterior wall and has been officially operating since February 23.

Digital signage or media facades, which were introduced in Korea in the early 2000s, have recently been activated as effective exhibition spaces in the non-face-to-face era by broadcasting artworks on the exterior walls of buildings. The ‘Media Canvas’ curved digital signage at Cheongju Museum, is also based on this medium and is an open exhibition platform that highlights the role and symbolism of the art collection center as the ‘First storage museum in Korea’

As the first public exhibition of ‘Media Canvas,’ two works from the collection and two new works by media artist Je Baak will be presented sequentially. The museum also plans to operate ‘Media Canvas’ as an experimental medium for creators. It plans to expand the range of artwork experiences by creating collection-based content, collaborating with domestic and international artists using ChatGPT AI technology, and creating participatory works that can communicate with citizens.

Lee Ungno Museum

Lee Ungno Museum has selected six artists for the 7th 'Young Artist Project Art Lab Daejeon'

7th 'Young Artist Project Art Lab Daejeon' Selected artists. ©Lee Ungno Museum

Daejeon Goam Art & Culture Foundation Lee Ungno Museum has selected six artists for the 7th ‘Young Artist Project Art Lab Daejeon’ selected artists are Kim Deulim, Kim Youngjin, Kim Chaewon, Park Yonghwa, Yang Seungwon, and Yang Taehoon, all from Daejeon or currently live in Daejeon.

The artists will showcase their experimental works across the visual arts at Lee Ungno Museum’s M2 Project Room and idle space. The M2 Project Room exhibition will run from May to September, and the idle space exhibition will run from September to October. In addition, the artists will receive a small amount of creative support cost, publicity, and exhibition space.

Lee Ungno Museum’s Art Lab Daejeon is a project to support young artists from Daejeon that began in 2017 and continues to discover and support artists who are active in the visual arts field. In 2022, ‘Art Lab Daejeon France’ was held in Nantes, France, and Lee Ungno Residence was established in Paris to help artists advance overseas.

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