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Atelier Hermès' First Exhibition of 2023: "The Race of a Hare".. and More

Atelier Hermès

Atelier Hermès' First Exhibition of 2023: "The Race of a Hare"

“The Race of a Hare” Installation view at Atelier Hermès ©Fondation d’entreprise Hermès

Christian Bonnefoi (b.1948), an elderly French artist, originally worked as an art historian and theorist since the late 1960s but was inspired to become an artist after seeing the Henri Matisse centenary exhibition in 1970. His solo exhibition, The Race of a Hare is on view at Atelier Hermès through May 28.

The exhibition, with the somewhat enigmatic title The Race of a Hare will feature 19 works from six series that the artist has been working on since the mid-1970s to explore the concept and method of painting.

The artist’s work stems from the question of ‘what is painting’ and the limitations of painting encountered in modernist painting, such as Clement Greenberg’s assertion that ‘the medium’s uniqueness lies in its flatness’. Bonnefoi sought to devise a methodology that would preserve the physical two-dimensionality of painting while conceptually transcending it, imbuing it with the Baroque sense of openness and energy.

As a result of these questions, since 1974 he has used collage as the basis of his practice, cutting and gluing parts of paintings and deconstructing and reconstructing planes. These collages are done not on the usual opaque canvas, but on Tarlatan gauze or tissue paper. The permeability and porosity of the surface, characteristic of these materials, liberate the artist’s paintings from two dimensions. Indeed, his work is ‘Bi-Face’ meaning that it can be seen and experienced from both the front and back, drawing our gaze beyond the painting.

Also known as a writer, Bonnefoi’s exhibition will provide an interesting opportunity to compare his work with the emergence of a school of thought known as ‘Dansaekhwa’ in Korean contemporary art during the same period, when the Western modernist painting was struggling to overcome the problem it faced.

Chapter II

Lee Ue Sung's Solo Exhibition Using Non-art Materials: “Long Trip”

“Long Trip” Installation view at Chapter II ©Chapter II

Chapter II, a gallery in Yeonnam-dong, presents Long Trip a solo exhibition by artist Lee Ue Sung (b. 1982), on view through June 3. Lee Ue Sung was selected for the Chapter II Residency in 2021, and the exhibition will showcase new works created during and after the residency to demonstrate his achievements.

The artist’s trademark is to borrow the appearance of objects and elaborate them without changing their essential properties, and he presents the exhibition in his format with wit. In this exhibition, frozen tuna and Styrofoam boxes are used as objects to depict the relativity of time as a journey of matter and energy.

Frozen foods, which are readily available around us, are relatively inferior in value and freshness to fresh or refrigerated foods, but tuna is one of the exceptions. Frozen tuna is caught in large quantities in distant waters, flash-frozen immediately, and shipped months later in an ice shell that transcends distance and time. In this process, the tuna increases in volume and weight, time is delayed, and the energy invested in it becomes a solid form and a shell of time.

Looking at this process and applying the relationship between space-time and the flow of energy to his work, “The artist captures the physical or psychological gap in time that varies depending on location and environment with a shell of time that accumulates on the frame and surface of the sculpture, as the time inside the workshop does not keep up with the flow of time in the outside world and the current time is recognized in hindsight.” He explains. 

The use of non-artistic materials and objects in the works and the way they are exhibited benefit from Dadaism and wittily convey to the viewer the main questions about the artist’s work and life.

Space Imsi

"Inventing Love 101": A two-person Exhibition by Jaewon Kim and Sara Liu

“Inventing Love 101” Poster ©Space Imsi

Space Imsi in Incheon will host the exhibition Inventing Love 101 from April 29 to May 26. This exhibition is a two-person show by Jaewon Kim and Sara Liu, curated by Stranger (Susie Bang, Lena Lee), who was selected for the ‘2023 Planning Competition’.

The ‘2023 Project Competition’ seeks to reinterpret the existing works of artists (at least two) to establish a relationship with the internal planning and research of Space Imsi in a different direction and speed, and to pursue archival exhibitions that are research-based and related to a socialized theme.

The exhibition Inventing Love 101 aims to explore the purpose and causes of invented love, as well as its necessity and methodology. Invented Love 101 is an active and proactive act of problem-solving, distinguishing it from traditional responses that rely on the single condition of time. Based on this awareness of the problem, the exhibition explores alternative perspectives in the works of Jaewon Kim and Sara Liu.

The two artists relentlessly explore and confront negative emotions such as fear, anger, and death and propose various imaginings of life in relation to queer time and intense emotional states that are temporarily accompanied by rapid emotional or physical changes. 

Space Imsi began in September 2016 as a temporary project space for the imagination and practice of visual and cultural arts in the urban space of the Incheon Open Port Cultural District. It is a space for curatorial practice that organizes research-based exhibitions and projects for relocation and reconfiguration, especially in the context of trans-locality and eco-politics.

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