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Artists in India’s Top Biennale Reported Communications Breakdowns and Funding Issues.. and Others


Aspinwall House, historically one of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale's main venues. Credit: Kochi-Muziris Foundation/2022 participants reported that the Aspinwall house was not usable during the biennale period.

Artists in India’s Top Biennale Reported Communications Breakdowns and Funding Issues

The participants of 2022 Kochi-Muziris Biennale, India’s largest biennale, alleged communication breakdowns and funding issues. They reported that fees and production costs had not paid to them, and that there were persistent fundraising and labor issues at the biennale. The artists wrote “The scale and ambition of the Biennale should be attuned to its financial situation”.


Exhibition view of Haegue Yang's ‘The Hybrid Intermediates – Flourishing Electrophorus Duo (Sonic Intermediate – Hairy Carbonous Dweller and The Randing Intermediate – Furless Uncolored Dweller)’ (2022), as part of Singapore Biennale 2022. Credit: OCULA

Singapore Biennale 2022, in which artist Haegue Yang won the ‘Benesse’ prize

The seventh edition of Singapore Biennale 2022 with the title of ‘Natasha’ opened last October. To explain the peculiar decision of putting person’s name as the title, the curators related the act of naming with the goal of the biennale; as the act of naming evokes both intimacy and familiarity, they hope that this biennale would make connections between different beings. 

Binna Choi(Korea), Nida Ghouse(India), June Yap(Singapore), and Ala Younis(Jordan) are four female curators. More than 50 artists are participating, and among them South Korean artist Haegue Yang received the ‘Benesse’ prize. The biennale runs through March 19, 2023.


10.16, 2022 – 3.19, 2023

Tanjong Pagar Distripark and various locations

Dubai and Korea

View of the exhibition at Perrotin Dubai, ICD Brookfield Place, 2023. ©2022 Takashi Murakami/Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Photo: Altamash Urooj/Credit: Perrotin

Takashi Murakami’s solo exhibitions at Perrotin Dubai and Busan Museum of Art

Gallery Perrotin, which has branches worldwide and also two in Seoul, opened its Dubai branch last November and presented the solo exhibition of Takashi Murakami as its first exhibition through January 28.

Takashi Murakami has been working with Perrotin since 1993 and has become the world-renowned artist with his combination of virtuous techniques earned from Japanese traditional paintings and motifs brought from Japanese anime and characters. In his works, the distinctions between cultural high and low, tradition and modern get blurred.

Murakami’s solo show in Asia continues to the Busan Museum of Art, Korea. ‘Takashi Murakami: Murakami Zombie’ show will be held from January 26 to March 12.

Perrotin Dubai & ICD Brookfield Place


11.25, 2022 – 1.28, 2023


부산시립미술관 (busan.go.kr)

‘무라카미 다카시: 무라카미 좀비’

2023.01.26 – 2023.03.12

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