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Archiving Rhythms by Kunyong Lee, Kyuchul Ahn, Jeong-A Bang: Exhibition “How to Archive”.. and More

Gyeongnam Art Museum

Archiving Rhythms by Kunyong Lee, Kyuchul Ahn, Jeong-A Bang: Exhibition “How to Archive”

Kyuchul Ahn, Time of Plants II, 2015, Steel, wires, and plants, 700x500x500cm ©Gyeongnam Art Museum

From July 21 to October 29, the Gyeongnam Art Museum will present How To Archive, an exhibition based on works by Kunyong Lee, Kyuchul Ahn, and Jeong-A Bang.

The exhibition takes a comprehensive look at the ‘archive’ as a methodology often used in contemporary art. It interrogates the reasons for the current interest in archives and how contemporary museums archive art, exploring them in the form of an exhibition. The exhibition focuses on how, especially since the 20th century, traditional media such as painting, and sculpture have been gradually deconstructed and works have been developed with objects, video, and performance. In this context, the exhibition seeks to discuss the methods of contemporary museums to archive various works that cannot be encompassed by conventional archival methods. To this end, the works of Kunyong Lee, Kyuchul Ahn, and Jeong-A Bang’s works are considered as archival objects in this exhibition. Based on the works of the three artists, it will challenge the limits and boundaries of how an art archive can and should change depending on the artist’s own style, philosophy, and components of work.

Following the opening of the Art Archives, Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA AA) in April, this exhibition demonstrates the interest of Korean contemporary art scene in archives. Also, it can be a special experience in that it showcases the work of Kunyong Lee, Kyuchul Ahn, and Jeong-A Bang, who have left their mark on the Korean contemporary art scene.

Museum Hanmi Samcheong Annex

Museum Hanmi’s ‘22/23 MH Talent Portfolio’ Two-Person Exhibition “Seunggu Kim · Changan Son”

“Seunggu KIM · Changan SON” Installation view at Museum Hanmi Samcheong Annex ©Museum Hanmi

From July 14 to September 24, Museum Hanmi will present the exhibition Seunggu KIM · Changan SON as part of the ‘22/23 MH Talent Portfolio program’ at the Samcheong Annex.

‘MH Talent Portfolio’ is a support program for artists in their 30s and 40s whose work is based on photography at Museum Hanmi, a museum specializing in photography. The program is designed to provide a platform for collaboration and exchange with the contemporary photography scene. Artists selected through the two-stage process will receive support for solo exhibitions, group exhibition, participation in international portfolio reviews, and production of related publications. A total of six artists were selected for program, and this exhibition is by Seunggu KIM (b. 1979) and Changan SON.

Seunggu KIM’s works focus on coexistence between nature and humans and the order in which nature and humans interact. In his new series ‘Hadong Observatory’, he records the subtle but clear changes in the atmosphere. Changan SON uses screenshot technology to collect his daily life on the computer. The series ‘Private Dokumentation 2 – Überwachungskamera’, presented in this exhibition, is an extension of his tendency. It consists of collecting images from the virtual world and reinstalling them in the real world by installation.

By focusing on the recordability of the photographic medium, the two artists’ exhibition will invite a broader discourse on the medium and provides an opportunity to deepen our understanding of photography.

Seoul Arts Center Hangaram Art Museum

From Ecriture(描法) to NFT: “Art Pick 30”, an Art Festival Co-hosted by Three Media Companies

“Art Pick 30” Installation view at Seoul Arts Center Hangaram Art Museum ©Art Chosun

From July 12 to August 19, Art Pick 30, an exhibition highlighting 30 contemporary Korean artists, will be held at the Seoul Arts Center Hangaram Art Museum. The exhibition is the first media-selected art festival in Korea, co-hosted by three media companies, TV Chosun, Newsis, and Art Chosun, and curated by Aifnco and Art Chosun Space.

The exhibition features more than 150 works by artists such as Yoon Hyung-Geun, Park Seo-Bo, and Lee Bae, as well as emerging artists such as Kwon Hana, DADAZ and Jeon Ahyun. The medium of works are also diverse, including painting, three-dimensional, and installation. With the growing interest in art fairs, the exhibition aims to shed light on the present and future of Korean contemporary art through artists who possess artistic quality, popularity, and marketability. The 30 participating artists were handpicked by the organizing medias, and the artists were selected based on the criteria differentiating from other art fairs and art shows.

Through Art Pick 30, visitors will be able to see a wide range of works that have attracted the attention of Korean art lovers, from Seobo Park’s Ecriture to DADAZ’s work on NFT art and digital painting. 

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