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An Exhibition Thinking on the Passage of Time: "The Sunken Eyes Were Dim".. and More

Doosan Gallery

An Exhibition Thinking on the Passage of Time: "The Sunken Eyes Were Dim"

“The Sunken Eyes Were Dim” Installation view at Doosan Gallery ©Doosan Gallery

Doosan Gallery will present The Sunken Eyes Were Dim, Doosan Humanities Theater Special Exhibition, from April 19 to May 20. The title of the exhibition, The Sunken Eyes Were Dim, is a metaphor for death, a distant sensation that we don’t want to face, but will come one day, as all our organs age and our physical abilities decline due to the passage of time.

This is a group exhibition featuring three artists, GuNa (b. 1982), Seo Young Chang (b. 1983), and Eun Chun (b. 1977), who reflect on the irresistible passage of time, which applies to all living things in the world.

GuNa shows installation sculptures. While the existing forms are smooth and white like traditional sculptures, the surfaces of the artist’s works are cracked, bent, and significantly altered, reminding us of sagging skin aged by the winds of time. Chang’s single-channel videos use a thin, wrinkled membrane as a screen and partition, rather than a solid wall or screen, to talk about old age and the sense of fading away in a limited space. Chun’s photographs capture the relationships between various living beings that she encounters in her life. The photographs of people and people who spend time together and rely on each other, large and small animals and people, plants and objects, are the fuel that helps us to dream about the moment and eternity.

Growing older is something that happens to everyone, but the degree to which we feel the passage of time varies depending on whether we are in our early, middle, or older years. These three artists share their perspectives on the passage of time and encourage us to recognize the time that is passing us by every moment.

Daejeon Creative Center

ThisWeekendRoom's Special Exhibition at Daejeon Creative Center: "Unseen"

"Unseen" Installation view at Daejeon Creativity Center ©Daejeon Museum of Art

Daejeon Museum of Art held ‘DMA Camp 2023’ for the first time this year. ‘DMA Camp’ is a ‘Young Art Planning Competition’ program that aims to discover and support young art planners in the visual arts field and expand new discourses and critiques of exhibition planning.

ThisWeekendRoom was selected for the competition, and their group exhibition Unseen will be held at the Daejeon Creative Center until May 14, with eight artists participating. This exhibition is based on the theme of fragments of invisible entities that are often forgotten in reality and abstract values that are hidden behind life and are presented through various forms such as painting, sculpture, and installation.

At the entrance, Jiwon Choi’s work, which uses porcelain dolls and fuses them with artifacts and natural elements, is displayed in intense colors. Next to them are installations by Sang A Han and paintings and sculptures by Kuna. Through abstract symbols, Sang A Han aims to reveal the world around her and how she feels about it. GuNa reconstructs the hazy and elusive realms of death, life, and dreams in white, vague paintings and sculptures.

Moving up to the second floor, there are three exhibition rooms with works by artists Hyungji Park and Minyoung Choi. Park’s paintings emerge from the process of practice as a struggle for continuity and renewal rather than a final push toward completion. The scenes in Choi’s works that seem to be far removed from everyday language are mainly sketches of scenes in the artist’s head or strange impressions from unfamiliar environments.

Next, we can see the works of Jinhee Kim and Yoonhee Choi. Jinhee Kim captures nameless moments and emotions that seem unreal and reconstructs them into images. Yoonhee Choi improvises on her canvases with flowing, pale-colored paint, creating an abstract circuit of the passage of time.

In the final room, Seounghee Lee’s work often combines animals with mythological beings to create hybrid objects. Animals are a key medium for the artist to explore the relationship between humans and non-human beings.

The artists listen to the various relationships and inner movements in their own lives. Their surroundings, which may seem too trivial or, conversely, taken for granted, often become pathways that open up new curiosities and possibilities for them. Through visual art, the artists present fragments from the invisible spectrum of life, such as dreams, memories, things I care about, memories, time, and life, and hope that viewers will share with them.

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