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Alternative Space LOOP Presents "FLUID GROUND" a Solo Exhibition by Sascha Pohle.. and More

Alternative Space LOOP

"FLUID GROUND" a Solo Exhibition by Sascha Pohle

Passage, 2017~, Machine knitted fabrics, various yarns, dimensions variable ©Alternative Space LOOP

Alternative Space LOOP presents “FLUID GROUND”, a solo exhibition by Sascha Pohle (b. 1972), on view through April 30. Sascha Pohle speculates on how contexts are modified and transformed by the migration of technology and culture. His work is often site-specific and includes performative compositions.

The exhibition includes Liquid Grounds, a silent black-and-white video based on 43 glass objects cast in silicone on the floor of the artist’s former home in Amsterdam’s North District. Regardless of Nationality, based on a fresco found in the ruins of the Paestum in Salerno, Italy. And I PACKED MY BAG, in which traces of mesh bags used in former East Germany are molded into clay and fired into ceramics.

From 3 to 5 p.m. each day, a performance of the artist’s Passage series, which he has been working on since 2017, will take place. The Passage series reinterprets uneven surfaces, such as the traces of asphalt roads where the artist lived and the floor of her studio, as soft textile objects that have been made solid but damaged by time.

Sascha Pohle is an artist currently based in Seoul, Germany, and Amsterdam who uses everyday objects such as photography, film, and textiles to blend visual culture. Instead of directive or psychological representation, she abstracts the image of the object and structures the way it is made.


3.10-4.30, 2023

Alternative Space LOOP: 20, Wausan-ro 29na-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

PS Sarubia

"Unfolded" a Solo Exhibition by Nosik Lim

“Unfolded” Installation view ©PS Sarubia

PS Sarubia is pleased to present “Unfolded” a solo exhibition by Nosik Lim, who was selected as an artist for the < Open Call for Artists>, until April 14.

“Unfolded” features 25 works of equal size, equally spaced on four walls. For six months, the artist laid out the 25 canvases in one place and completed them in stages by repeatedly drawing and erasing them. The artist intended for the works to be felt as a landscape that forms a single and set up a situation from the beginning where they could all become different stories depending on what the viewer imagines and feels.

The works were created simultaneously, in no particular order of completion, and were hung on the wall in the same order as they were moved to the exhibition space. There minimized the intervention of subjective senses such as the artist’s intentions, pictorial concepts, and the viewer’s gaze as much as possible, and allowed the randomly arranged works to form a natural flow.

PS Sarubia’s < Open Call for Artists > is a program that provides creative opportunities for artists to leap forward by sponsoring solo exhibitions, regardless of their age, career, or work tendencies, by selecting artists who are original, experimental, and show a solid world of their own.


3.15-4.14, 2023

PS Sarubia: 4, Jahamun-ro 16-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul

CR Collective

"The Metamorphosis of Moments" a Solo Exhibition by Buhm Hong

“The Metamorphosis of Moments” Installation view ©CR Collective Instagram

CR Collective is currently presenting a solo exhibition by artist Buhm Hong (b.1970). The exhibition was scheduled to end on March 25, but due to the support of visitors, it has been extended until April 8.

The exhibition, “The Metamorphosis of Moments” refers to a fleeting moment in time, a world created by a dramatic transformation of memory, such as the transformation of a chrysalis into a butterfly. The world created by the artist is based on the reality of time and space and is shaped by the sensation and emotion of remembering a moment. Rather than recreating a specific space or its sense of place, the artist captures the memory of a moment as if picturing it, evoking private or communal memories.

The exhibition includes 16 pencil drawing series, one tempera painting, one three-dimensional installation, and one four-channel video, and two single-channel videos. Buhm Hong is an artist based in New York and Seoul. After graduating from Hongik University’s Department of Industrial Design, he moved to the USA and received his MFA from the School of Visual Arts in the Departments of Computer Art and Photography and Imaging.

The Metamorphosis of Moments

2.21-4.8, 2023

CR Collective: 120, Seongmisan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

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