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A Sense of the Times by 8 Contemporary Korean Artists: Exhibition “A Glimpse of Our Time”.. and More

Kumho Museum of Art

A Sense of the Times by 8 Contemporary Korean Artists: Exhibition “A Glimpse of Our Time”

“A Glimpse of Our Time” Installation view at Kumho Museum of Art ©Kumho Museum of Art

From August 16 to October 22, the Kumho Museum of Art will showcase A Glimpse of Our Time, an exhibition featuring eight artists. The exhibition explores how contemporary artists view today’s society.

The exhibition will be held on four floors. Jiyen LEE and Yongsun YOO will present works centered on capital and consumption. Through hand-weaving discarded banknotes with the cooperation of the Bank of Korea, Jiyen Lee aims to give artistic possibilities to deconstructed currency and talk about the fluid and circular value of capital. Yongsun YOO explores our psychology in the current consumer culture through colorful paintings that borrow logos and patterns from famous brands. Ahram JEONG, Goyona JUNG, and Hyesoo PARK bring today’s society to the forefront. Ahram JEONG visualizes the gaze of a platform delivery rider, Goyona JUNG captures contemporary sentiments by collecting photos from social media, and Hyesoo PARK reminds us of the values we forget through a project about love and heartbreak and a workshop video about a hikikomori. In other works, Seungeun SONG and Mina HAM look into the mind of an individual living in the modern world, while Seungwon YANG creates places where the boundaries between virtuality and reality are blurred through digital images that he photographed or manipulated.

Although they use different themes and mediums, their work captures current emotions and provokes empathy and reflection.

Sungkok Art Museum

2023 Sungkok Art Museum’s Open Call Program Selected Artist Lee Eun's Solo Exhibition " Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo”

“Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo” Installation view at Kumho Museum of Art ©Aproject Company

Sungkok Art Museum is pleased to present Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo, a solo exhibition by artist Lee Eun (b. 1995) from August 18 to September 10. The exhibition is part of the ‘Sungkok Art Museum Open Call program’, a program to support young artists and curators. A total of three artists (Lee Eun, Lee Jinyoung, and Park Jaehoon) were selected for this year, and this exhibition is the first in a series.

Lee’s paintings feature GIFs form of classic animation such as Tom and Jerry, Cinderella, and Donald Duck. Lee’s work primarily focuses on animations that aired in the 2000s, evoking nostalgia but also recalling the way in which short-form content is dominating the contemporary landscape. The artist overlaps characters, smudges colors, and reveals the trajectory of their movements. In doing so, the artist expresses the illusion of short, repeated movements within a painting that is static. Also, on view in the exhibition are large-scale wall drawings that fill a 60-meter-high by 20-meter-wide wall. While the artist’s other paintings are based on GIFs that last less than five seconds, the wall drawings are based on videos that last two to three minutes.

By combining painting with the movement of GIFs, Lee Eun’s work offers a fresh approach to today’s visual culture.

Nam June Paik Art Center

"Random Access Project 3.0" introduces Emerging Artists who continue the artistic spirit of Nam June Paik

“Random Access Project 3.0” Poster ©Nam June Paik Art Center

From August 15 to December 3, Nam June Paik Art Center will present Random Access Project 3.0, featuring exhibitions and performances by artists Jaei Hyuk Ra, JSHan, Oro Minkyung, WONWOORI, Cho Hoyoung, and GRAYCODE, jiiiiin. The exhibition will be held in a relay format in various spaces of Nam June Paik Art Center, including the museum shop, cafeteria, exhibition rooms, and Random Access Hall, according to the schedule of each artist’s performance and exhibition. (* Please find the schedule below.)

The ‘Random Access Project’ is based on the work of the same name that Nam June Paik presented in his first solo exhibition, Exposition of Music—Electronic Television (1963). So this project aims to introduce emerging artists who share the spirit of Paik’s art, using the keywords of improvisation, indeterminacy, interaction, and participation in his works.

First up is Jaei Hyuk Ra’s exhibition A Few Inches from Me, which will be on view from August 15 to September 10 at the museum shop and cafeteria. The sound works in this exhibition change the volume depending on the surrounding noise. Through these works, which are played in everyday spaces, Ra experiments with the interaction that can occur between a composer and an audience.


Vol 1. Jaei Hyuk Ra’s exhibition “A Few Inches Away From Me” (08.15 – 09.10)

Vol 2. JSUK HAN’s exhibition “Central Dogma” (08.31 – 09.24) / Live Performance (09.23)

Vol 3. Oro Minkyung’s exhibition “Letters for This Light” (09.19 – 12.03) / Live Performance (10.28)

Vol 4. WONWOORI’s exhibition “Widening Waves” (09.26 – 10.22)

Vol 5. Cho Hoyoung’s exhibition “A Patch of Ground” (09.26 – 10.22)

Vol 6. GRAYCODE, jiiiiin ‘s exhibition “WIWR” (11.07 – 12.03) / Live Performance (12.02)

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